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Calendar Tips

How to use Calendar for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Calendar lets you organize and update your agenda — events, appointments, and more — all on your iPhone and iPad.

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How to use Calendar with Siri

Make, change, cancel and view your calendar events with a little help from Siri

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How to customize Calendar for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s Calendar app lets you manage your schedule on the go, whether you are enroute to work or traveling to a fabulous vacation destination. iOS gives you a number of options for putting your own stamp on the application. Let’s walk through them.

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How to add and manage calendar events on iPhone and iPad

Never miss an appointment or party again, using the Calendar app for iPhone and iPad!

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How to share events with Calendar for iPhone and iPad

This article details how to share calendar events on iPhone and iPad.

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How to set up mail, contacts, and calendars on iPhone and iPad

You can set up and sync Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many other accounts right to your iPhone or iPad!

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How to recover deleted files, contacts, calendars, and photos from iCloud

When you delete something on OS X it goes into Trash and, from there, you can either recover it or eradicate it forever. iCloud offers something similar, only its deleted files exist not on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, but online. In some ways it's even more powerful—deleted files can be restored for up to 30 days, even if you've emptied the Trash on your Mac or wiped them from your iPhone or iPad. That's great if you make a mistake and either delete something by accident or delete something you later realize you shouldn't have.

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How to check the calendar on your Apple Watch

With your Apple Watch, your calendar isn't just in your pocket anymore — it's on your wrist.

If keeping up to date is important to you, the Apple Watch will do more than just tell you the day and time, it'll make all your meetings, appointments, and events instantly accessible — with complications, Siri, Glances, and an app!

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Shared Google Calendars not showing up on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? Here's the fix!

Having problems getting Google Calendars to show up in the Calendars app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac?

If you accepted an invitation from someone to share a Google calendar but aren't seeing it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac; it could be due to your Google Sync settings. Google turns sync off by default for new calendars, particularly shared ones. It's frustrating, and it's why you can't immediately see them on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac even when you can see them online. Luckily it's also simple to fix — once you know how!

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How to subscribe to calendars on your iPhone or iPad

Calendar subscriptions let you stay up to date on everything from your team schedule to national holidays to network programming. The iPhone and iPad let you subscribe to any calendar that provides a compatible URL. As long as you have the link for the subscription, you're good to go.

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