How to mark a Calendar event as spam


Update: Apple has added a new feature in iCloud Calendar that allows you to report a calendar invitation as junk if the sender is not in your contacts. "Report Junk" is currently only available by signing in to and reporting the invite from there. There is no information as to whether it will roll out to iOS and macOS at this time.

Update: Apple is aware of the problem and has issued an official statement on the matter.

"We are sorry that some of our users are receiving spam calendar invitations. We are actively working to address this issue by identifying and blocking suspicious senders and spam in the invites being sent."

Lately, there has been a surge of spam iCloud calendar invites. You get a notification that you have been sent an invitation, which you can either "Accept" or "Close." If you close it, it goes into your iCloud calendar, un-responded to. You can then decline the invitation, which removes the unsightly event from your view, but doesn't stop spammers from continuing to send you junk. Plus, some people don't want to acknowledge the invitation at all because, even declining an invitation will send a response to the original sender.

You can report a calendar invite as junk via if the sender is not in your contacts. There are also a couple of steps you can take to redirect spam away from your Calendar app on the regular if it gets out of hand. Here's the fix.

How to report a Calendar invite as junk

If you receive a Calendar invite from someone that is not in your contacts, Apple makes it possible for you to report it as junk, which will remove it from your calendar view without you having to respond to it directly.

  1. Navigate to on your computer.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on Calendar.
  4. Double-click the offending event invitation.
  5. Select Report Junk. It is under the sender name.

How to set Calendar invites to go to your email instead.

You can change your Calendar app settings so that invitations are sent directly to your email inbox. Then, you can simply delete the email.

  1. Navigate to on your computer.
  2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on Calendar.
  4. Click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. It looks like a gear.
  5. Click on Preferences.
  6. Click on Advanced in the window that pops up.
  7. Tick the box for Email to [email address] under Receive event invitations as:.
  8. Click on Save.

All of your invitations will now be sent to your email account instead of directly to Calendar. You can simply delete the events that are spam.

How to create a spam calendar in the Calendar app on iPhone

You can also create a "Spam" calendar in the Calendar app and assign the offending invitations to it. You can then delete the calendar, which will also delete the invitation. If you get a lot of spam calendar invitations, this might be a better way to get rid of them all at once.

How to create a Spam calendar

  1. Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Calendars at the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Tap Edit in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Tap Add Calendar under iCloud.
  5. Name the calendar Spam.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. Tap Back in the upper left corner of the screen to go back to the calendar view.
  8. Tap on the spammed invitation.
  9. Tap Calendar, which is directly under the invitation name.
  10. Tap Spam.This will add the invitation to the new "Spam" calendar.
  11. Tap Back in the upper left corner of the screen to go back to the calendar view.

How to delete a Spam calendar

  1. In the main calendar view, tap Calendars at the bottom center of the screen again.
  2. Tap Edit in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Spam under iCloud.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Delete Calendar.
  5. Tap Delete Calendar again to confirm that you want to delete it.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about what to do when you get a spam Calendar invitation? Put them in the comments below!

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  • Thank you! I don't seem to have the issue, but have done the steps above to prevent this from happening in the future :)
  • I got a few invites from iCloud Photos and Reminders also....
  • Thanks! This remedy removed the spam invite that had annoyed me for the past week. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hi, thank you very much for this. I've had a Chinese invitation for Ray-Ban's on my phone for a week, but I didn't want to accept or decline it. I used this fix, and now it is gone.
  • super helpful, these spam invitations have been annoying me.
  • Thank you for this write up. On this topic though I am extremely disappointed with Apple allowing these to process in the first place. It would take very little effort for Apple to block these. In many cases people aren't even using iCloud for e-mail so why are these invites being processed as such. Even if Apple still has some sort of "basic e-mail functionality" enabled on iCloud accounts these messages should be getting blocked by the most basic of spam solutions. Simple rules like not allowing calendar invites from e-mail addresses you haven't communicated with would block this. This is just another black mark in Apple's iCloud/"whatever else it's been named" cloud services.
  • Problem is, 'fixing' this would block legit uses as well. People who use it for business email and try to send out meeting invites to new clients, etc. would be blocked. Add to that, they couldn't create a 'simple' block that spammers couldn't find a way around.
  • As an individual, there ARE NO LEGIT USES for these spams coming to us/me; business users need to find a different way since WE INDIVIDUALS can't get rid of this. This RayBan BS has TOTALLY clogged up my planner app that I use on my iPhone; since yesterday, an entire WEEK has been taken up with this ad so I can't even read my appointments.
  • Thanks, I have given this a try we will see if this will work.
  • Does anyone know if apple is addressing the spam issues in ical and photo sharing?
  • From what I've read, this problem seems to be affecting more people by the day. Wonder what Apple plans on doing to remedy this.
  • This has been driving me CRAZY! So un-Apple to not have a way to actually delete these other than to create a separate calendar and move them there. Ridiculous!
  • When I click on advance tab in calendar I don't see option for emails or invitations. So the spammy invite is still sitting there mocking me. I run Sierra on Safari...
  • It's under "Event updates" and this method doesn't remove the spammy invitation from your calendar. It makes it so future spammy invites go to your email inbox instead of your calendar. To remove the spammy invitations, follow the instructions under "How to create a spam calendar."
  • It's calendars, edit, add calendar, name it Spam, done. Then, go to the inbox, hit the arrow on the side of the spam, (do not accept or decline ) check the spam calendar, done. Then, calendars, edit, delete calendar. What's annoying to me is that I keep getting them. But, now I know how to rid myself of them, so I feel much better about it.
  • I have been using an app called iCalendar; it is a planner that I desperately need for all our myriad medical appointments. For years it's been working like a charm, NOTHING has been missed, then this last 10 days, BAM, my entire planner has been clogged up with them, WITH NO WARNING it was going to happen. I've spent a good bit of time trying to figure out how to get rid of them - to no avail. Since iCalendar relies on iPhone Calendar to work, it is killing my efficacy with our appointments. If I can't fix this, I'll have to go back to purse hardcopy planners. I'm angry that this has happened - popup ads are a nuisance - but they generally don't prevent my apps from actually functioning - this particular spam does.
  • Just a quick note that if you follow the first set of steps (to get Calendar invites sent to your e-mail folder), after step 4 (clicking on the Settings or gear icon) you then have to click on "Preferences.." in order to get the window with the "Advanced" tab.
  • Thanks. Added the step.
  • Just an FYI— I've found that VERY OFTEN in these iMore How-Tos there's one crucial step missing that keeps someone from completing the task, like the step mentioned by rlpfromak. If the author of an H-T would follow their own steps and not assume everyone knows some intermediate step, there'd be far less confusion. Tnx.
  • I have spam in Shared Photos too. Hopefully Apple's fix extends to Photos.
  • Blocking spam senders won't do much to resolve the problem. They will pop back up as quick as they are put down. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'll never buy a pair of ray bans now!!!
  • Really, Apple? To tweak my settings in iCloud, I have to do it from a desktop??? So my only Apple product is my iPad, which means that I can't adjust iCloud not to send this crap to my calendar. Brilliant. My calendar has more garbage on it every day and will soon be unuseable as a calendar. Way to design iPads so that you essentially can't adjust your iPad settings with your iPad. Steve Jobs would definitely have wanted customers to have to customize their iPads from something other than an iPad, right? Redonkulous.
  • Welcome to the post PC era
  • You can access from a PC. It doesn't have to be an Apple computer.
  • Got to say I like that Spam™® gif! It's entirely appropriate. I've been getting these spam 'invites' over the last two weeks now. I notification badge shows up on my Calendar icon and events are on my calendar. I never see the actual invitations to accept or decline before they become events. There's no way anything should auto-populate my Calendar without my permission. I hated deleting spam email because Mail always opened it first, potentially alerting the sender that my address was valid. Eventually Apple gave an option of loading remote content automatically OR manually. Now if Apple would just bring back a way to mark mail as JUNK or NOT JUNK in one step without making us open the mail.
  • There is another setting in iOS similar to the one when signed into iCloud
    Under settings - calendar - events found in Apps I didn't know this setting existed and don't know if it adds extra protection but I don't need app events. On macOS you only get the option to deleted without sending a reply by moving the invite to the spam calendar. I spoke to an Apple advisor a few weeks ago as I had to work all of this out myself. Thank you for the iCloud details which I hadn't disabled until the other day.
  • The first time I booted up my new iPad mini last weekend I was greeted with several of these. It's very annoying.
  • For a company that seems to be wanting to herald in the end of the PC, they seem to be relying on them a bit much. I "fixed" this by turning iCloud calendars off. This is why they need to realize they don't know better than users and stop saying "OMG you can't go to from your iOS device!" Off by default would be the better option. Apple likes to turn a lot of things on by default for people. Hence, I still can't kill "SavedStates", the "feature" that causes a lot of non-techie people to think malware popups are legit.
  • The step in the article work to block the spam but makes the intended use of event invites very messy. My tests show you must do three things to successfully accept an invite.. 1. Accept the email invite which notifies the person sharing the event but doesn't add it to your calendar. 2. Double click the event file attached to the email and add it to the calendar you wish. 3. Go into the calendar find the event and
    edit it to accept and "un grey" it. Apple has a lot or work to fix this mess.
  • "Navigate to *on your computer*." Apple's problems in a nutshell. They could make this *MUCH* easier to fix if they allowed people to live in the "PostPC world" Apple themselves say we're in. When I did AppleCare, the number of calls that could have been resolved if worked on iOS were way too high (mainly multiple accounts). But no, Tim and all think they can do no wrong, so they don't fix something simple. Same way they didn't realize putting that U2 album was a bad idea. I mean, some parent's may not want their 13 year old to see an album cover like that. But Apple slipped it past everything because they know better, and hey, it doesn't have bad words. I'm not singling out Apple in this, many companies do this "we know better", Microsoft with Win10 is a prime example. But I detest Netflix's "autoplay" episode previews, and the amount of time I had to bug their support to get them to stop autoplaying the next episode, but they still don't have a way for me to turn off skipping episode intros (which usually skips the quick pre-credits jokes). /rant Edit: I "fixed" this issue by turning off iCloud calendar. Simple, and Apple should be ashamed, this is why Jobs fired the MobileMe team.