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iPad crushes expected Kindle and Samsung tablet sales in U.S.

ChangeWave surveyed nearly 3,000 U.S. consumers to see which tablets they would be buying in the next three months, and a whooping 73% said they would be getting an iPad, compared to a  meager 8% of projected Kindle Fire purchases and 6% of those getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Survey says 98% of new iPad owners satisfied, 89% don't have any heat problems

While we've had our own survey about the supposed excess heat coming from the new third-generation iPad, ChangeWave has done their own, and largely agreed with our results. After polling 200 owners, ChangeWave found that 89% didn't have any "warmgate" problems whatsoever.

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Over half of smartphone buyers plan to purchase iPhone 4S

ChangeWave has a new survey out indicating 54 percent of near-term smartphone buyers are planning on picking up the iPhone 4S over competing devices.

The late December survey looked at smart phone demand trends going forward, and finds Apple iPhone demand remains incredibly strong more than two months after the iPhone 4S release. Among respondents planning to buy a new smart phone in the next 90 days, better than one-in-two (54%; down 11-pts) say they'll get an iPhone. Apple has never dominated smart phone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release.

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iPhone 4S tops the iPhone 4 with 96% satisfaction rate

ChangeWave has come out with a new survey polling customer satisfaction among new iPhone 4S owners, showing an overwhelming 96% satisfaction rating and propelling the iPhone 4S into "nosebleed territory".

Overall satisfaction with the iPhone 4S showed 77% of users being Very Satisfied and 19% being Somewhat Satisfied, compared to 72% and 21% respectively for the iPhone 4 that launched in 2010.

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AT&T iPhone users see more than twice the dropped calls of Verizon iPhone

A recent ChangeWave report surveyed 4,068 wireless subscribers and revealed that AT&T iPhone users see more than double the amount of dropped calls compared to their Verizon iPhone peers. AT&T iPhone users reported that 4.8% of calls were unexpectedly dropped on the network, a far cry from Verizon at just 1.8% of calls. This lines up with a survey of overall cell phone customers that found 4.6% of AT&T subscribers and 1.4% of Verizon customers have reported dropped calls.

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Apple iPad crushing competition in consumer demand and customer satisfaction ratings

Despite growing competition as new tablets begin to enter the market, Apple's iPad is still king when it comes to consumer demand and customer satisfaction according to a recent ChangeWave survey.

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Apple's iPhone 4 leads the pack in smartphone customer satisfaction

Apple's iPhone 4 topped the charts in customer satisfaction again with 8 out of 10 users being very satisfied with their smartphone device. From ChangeWave:

As we’ve consistently seen in our consumer smart phone demand surveys, the Apple iPhone continues to outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

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iPhone keeps new users happy, a continued threat to rest of smartphone industry - ChangeWave

iPhone continues to have huge customer satisfaction and low return numbers, poses threat to competitors if it moves beyond AT&T's network to Verizon and others

ChangeWave has released their latest survey results, this time asking 1,009 new smartphone buyers (including iPhone buyers) why they chose the phone they did, how satisfied they were with their new phone, and some general opinions positive and negative about their new phone.

The results in a sentence:

The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.

The results in a lot of stats:

iPhone had the highest satisfaction of any smartphone at 77%, with Motorola second at 64% and HTC 3rd at 51%. Samsung was last at 35%.

iPhone also had the lowest likelihood of return, with only 7%. Motorola was next with 12%, then HTC with 15%, and Palm was last with 36%.

When asked if non-AT&T users would still have bought their current (Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile) smartphone if the iPhone were on their carrier, 39% said they would, 32% said they would have gone with an iPhone instead, and 29% weren't sure.

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Interest in iPad higher than it was for 2007 iPhone?

Thinking back to the hype surrounding the launch of the first iPhone, with podcasters stomping their Treo's on the floor of Moscone West and customers waiting in line outside the New York Apple Store for weeks, it's hard to imagine that interest in the iPad could be even bigger, but that's what ChangeWave's survey just may be telling us.

Gizmodo notices something interesting as well:

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iPhone US Marketshare Hits 30%, Tops Most Wanted, Huge Lead in Customer Satisfaction

Apple's iPhone has hit 30% marketshare in the US, according to ChangeWave. When laying out the current players, 4,225 consumers were surveyed, 39% of whom owned smartphones, and of those the top 3 answers were RIM's Blackberry down ever-so-slightly to 40%, the iPhone up 5% to hit that 30% mark, and Palm steady at 7%. As sibling-site points out, Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian weren't even included on the chart (does that mean the percentages were too low and unchanged to graph, Changewave?)

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