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iMore community spotlight for April 2012

iMore isn’t just a website, it’s a community fueled by millions of people who comment on the stories, give and get help on the iPhone and iPad forums, and join us each and every month in discovering great new ways to enjoy our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. This month we chose Ty (aka EmceeGeek) and she is exactly that kind of super engaged, incredibly helpful, truly awesome iMore community member.

But enough from us, let’s let Ty do the talking.

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Happy Holidays from the TiPb Forums!

Our TiPb Forums are the best iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV community on the 'net (and in the 'verse!) and proof positive is this wonderful poem posted by user dmcary:

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Today on the Forums: Android vs. iPhone 3G! How Many Home Screen Pages Do You Have?

Today is a good day, we have had a few Android related stories today here at TiPb but competition is good. It will only make Apple kick things into high gear and improve on what is arguably the top touchscreen phone on the market today. That brings us to the first thread I want everyone to check out. It's brought to us by none other than our very own writer extraordinaire, Rene. Android vs iPhone! What are your thoughts?

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Today on the Forums: Blackberry Storm... iPhone Killer?! 2.1 Firmware Hot or Not?

Today on the forums we have a few hot topics for you to check out:

First let's start off by taking a look at the latest iClone... the Blackberry Thunder/Storm. Do you think it really is a iPhone killer? Make your voice heard and vote in the poll! Next up is a thread started by mikecc and he wants to know if you are using your iPhone for gaming more than anything else? Stay tuned to TiPb in the next few days for more coverage of the iPhone as a gaming platform.

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Today on the Forums: 2.0.2 Tips and Tricks, Other Devices and Gadgets


[Ed: Many of you know Jeremy as the most Bad Ash moderator this side of Cupertino. Well, we've finally convinced him to tear it up here on the TiPb front page as well. What's he going to choose for his debut post? Heh. Like there was ever any doubt...]

Since you can usually find me on the iPhone Blog Forums I figured I may as well make my first post about some of the happenings over there. So what's going on?

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