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The Competition

iOS outreaches Android by 59% in US

Turns out when you stop the ridiculous practice of comparing Android (an OS) to iPhone (a phone), and compare Android to iOS (another OS), Apple's operating system outreaches Google's by 59% in the US, or 37,868 phones to 23,763.

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iPad competitors considering delays in the face of tepid market reception?

The Motorola Xoom launched to sales that were okay but not breakthrough, the BlackBerry Playbook has gotten hopeful though mixed reviews, and now Digitimes reports other would-be iPad 2 competitors may be getting cold feed.

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iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry PlayBook browser battle!

As part of his epic BlackBerry PlayBook review, our good friend CrackBerry Kevin put RIM's new tablet browser one-on-one against the great one -- Apple's iPad 2. That's right, we have yet another entry in our browser battle series!

When we put the PlayBook head to head against the iPad 2 in a browser shootout (see below), we saw pretty comparable page load times but did notice on websites where there were flash-based advertisements present, this would slow down the PlayBook by a few seconds while the iPad 2 would serve up a faster loading static image. Disabling flash evened out the load times.

Check out the video after the break and if you haven't already, check out the rest of Crackberry's PlayBook coverage! (Then rush back here and tell us what you think!)

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RIM's iPad competitor, BlackBerry PlayBook gets reviewed!

CrackBerry Kevin goes hands-on for a full BlackBerry PlayBook review

RIM finally gets their 7-inch, QNX-powered iPad competitor to market and our sibling site, has your positively gargantuan BlackBerry PlayBook review piping hot and ready! From hardware to software literally nothing is left out. So how does the man who loves BlackBerry like the PlayBook?

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HP/Palm finally making an iPhone-style webOS slab phone?

Our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, writing for sibling site lands an exclusive first look at an HP/Palm webOS slab device, potentially code-named Stingray.

While we are quite confident that the image is legit, unfortunately we don't have a lot of confidence in any further information. Is the device coming or is it simply a prototype that has been canned? Our tipster described it as "an EVO with webOS" and suggests it simply has yet to be announced.

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In January 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. Summer 2007 he announced its release date and "sweet" web apps to go with it. In Fall 2007 he introduced the iPod touch and iTunes Store app. Spring 2008 brought iOS 2 (then iPhone OS 2.0) and the App Store. Summer 2008 saw iPhone 3G and MobileMe. Fall 2008 was iPod touch 2. Spring 2009 was iOS 3. Summer 2009 was iPhone 3GS. Fall 2009 was iPod touch 3. January 2010, iPad. Spring 2010, iOS 4. Summer 2010, iPhone 4. Fall 2010, iPod touch 4 and Apple TV 2. Spring 2011, iPad and...

Nothing. Maybe.

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Amazon Cloud Music launched without licenses, has record labels fuming

Turns out Amazon might have beaten Apple in the online music locker race by sprinting off the blocks well before the whistle was ever blown, at least if the stunned reactions by music labels are to be believed. Reuters reports:

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Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music services announced

Amazon surprised the tech world last night by announcing Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services for streaming music to various platforms. Amazon has stolen a march on Apple after we heard the other day that Apple was supposedly planning to launch a similar service very soon (given their purchase of streaming service Lala happened more than a year ago.) Well, Amazon has gotten here first.

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Regarding an Amazon tablet (or, bringing content to an experience fight)

There's been talk of an Amazon super-Kindle running Android OS since... about 5 minutes after Steve Jobs left the stage following the original iPad introduction. Now that Amazon has launched their Appstore (TM in contention), that talk is heating up again. And why not? It's an obvious play. I'd be surprised if Amazon hasn't had one in the labs for a while now (just like I would have been surprised if Facebook hadn't been working on a phone...)

Amazon has content like iTunes, including (in the US at least -- and more on that in a moment), ebooks, movies, TV shows, music, and now apps. They've made hardware before with the Kindle line.

But they're hardly the only one.

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Sony Xperia Play videos get NSFW on iPhone!

Um. Okay. Wow. Sony Ericsson, makers of the Xperia Play (aka PSP Phone) went out and got Kristen Schaal from the Daily Show to go all NSFW on iPhone gaming in a new series of YouTube videos (these can't air on primetime TV, right?). You've got your Killing It, Pwnage, Kittenlicious, Kristennetsirk, and Kristen within Kristen, and no kidding -- there's adult language, sexual situations, violence, and nebulous shots taken at our precious iPhone.

(Interestingly, the videos are actually light on real PSP game play. It would have been nice to see them show off their games vs. Infinity Blade, Real Racing 2, Dead Space, and other top tier iPhone games... Right?)

Check out the videos after the break and let us know what you think, full of win or marketing #fail?


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