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iPhone 5 rendered in 3D based on leaked parts

We've seen a lot of supposed hardware of the iPhone 5 and plenty of hints as to what we'll see in iOS 6, so some designers have mashed it all together in AutoCAD and created models what they expect the final product will look like. Blackpool Creative has released a big zip file full of still images of their renderings and put together a short video.

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The 16:9 iPhone

A few days ago rumors began to focus on the idea that Apple was moving to a 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling iPhone 5,1). I went through the mental exercise of mocking up, and breaking down, the various 4-inch iPhone options to try and figure out how Apple would get there.

Now, however, the rumors are coalesced around one specific option -- one I initially thought had fewer advantages, and was hence less likely -- a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1136 x 640 display.

So what would could Apple, a company that prides itself in saying "no" even more than saying "yes", consider switching their best selling product, the iPhone, to a 16:9 screen?

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Dream iPad 3 concept design

John Anastasiadis conceptualizes a Liquidmetal, carbon fiber, full screen iPad 3 that absolutely, positively will not stop until the iMore nation is awed.

We've already posted our iPad 3 event preview, rounding up all the rumors and outlining what we think Apple's likely to do with their next generation tablet. We've also asked you what you, our readers, expect from both the hardware and the software as well. Okay. Fine. Done. Good for us. Now it's time to have some fun. Now it's time to forget practical, forget realistic, and go full out, balls-to-wall, sky's-the-limit gadget porn.

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iPhone 5 design: Crescent-shaped concept

What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple's design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That's the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering.

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What if Apple had come to market with a Microsoft Surface-style multitouch table?

Imagine for a moment that Apple had come to market with a Microsoft Surface style table, then take a look at these concept pictures of what it could have been. Forget workstations showing off blue screens of death, instead replace those thoughts with beautiful functional workspaces where placing your iOS device on the table could initiate an iTunes or iCloud sync.

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Rumor: Apple working on wearable iPod with Siri control

Apple is rumored to be testing wearable iPod-like devices that fit around your wrist and controlled not by touch, but with your voice using Siri. The concept may be difficult to understand for some, but if you think of devices like the new Jawbone UP -- or even Apple's own iPod Nano paired with wrist watch bands -- the idea starts to become a bit more clear.

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iOS 5 notifications - should there be an Apple app for that?

Better notifications is probably at or near the top of the feature request list for iOS 5, and Andreas has come up with a concept for how he's like to see it done -- an Apple iOS notifications app!

He's set up a website and posted a video and... it looks interesting. Like Rene said on last week's iPad Live, Apple isn't simply going to add notifications any more than they simply added multitasking to iOS 4. They're going to look at the actual functionality users want and then figure out a way to provide it, in a traditional way or a new way. (And we'll either love it or hate it, or often a little bit of both.)

Andreas' idea isn't like Boxcar on the App Store or LockInfo on Jailbreak, it's a bit of a hybrid approach. Check out the video below and let us know if this is the way you'd like to see Apple handle notifications in iOS 5 (and why or why not!)

[iOS Notifications via The Next Web, thanks @KiTTGT]

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imagining iPad 2. Again.

Back in November I tried to imagine what Apple might present as iPad 2. So now, with the iPad 2 event scheduled for next Wednesday, March 2, I decided to go back, update them with any more recent information, and see if anything substantial had changed.

Note: There's been some debate about whether or not Wednesday will bring a "real iPad 2" or more of an "iPad 1.5". Apple has always been very clear about this. The original iPhone was 1,1; the 3G was 1,2; the 3GS 2,1, and iPhone 4 was 3,1. To Apple the guts -- CPU, GPU, etc. -- are far more important when determining generational jumps (iPhone 3G to 3GS) than case design or radios (iPhone to iPhone 3G).

By every indication we're getting iPad 2,1 next week -- a full generational jump. It may not be the extreme jump some of us want, but then some of us won't setting for any jump that doesn't include a vibranium/adimantium shell with full on Cerebro UI. (That's not happening this year. Maybe not even next).

What we likely will get is enough to make an already great product thinner, faster, and yes -- better.

My guesses after the break!

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Imagining iPad 2

iPad 2 rumors have been making their way through the internet pretty much since the day after the current iPad debuted but lately they've picked up considerable speed. Leaks have come from supposed manufacturers and suppliers, of course, but given the time of year and Apple's refresh cycles for iOS devices to date, we could be seeing an iPad 2 announcement as early as January/February and a release in April. Either way it's coming. We all know it's coming. (We've even discussed whether or not you should get an iPad now or wait for iPad 2 next year). But what will it be like?

Based on rumors to date, I'm going make some guesses... after the break.

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Mozilla Seabird concept phone - and a rant

Mozilla has an interesting Seabird concept phone rendering posted to YouTube. It looks great but disappointingly it's not real, contains technology that doesn't yet exist at the consumer scale, and is built on top of Android.

The Android part makes me sad, not because it's Android but because it's not MozillaOS (GeckoOS?). Google is basically doing now with Android what Microsoft did with Windows in the 90s -- providing manufacturers with something they can use pretty much off the shelf rather than rolling their own. So just like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, et. al never bothered to innovate or create great new PC OS, no one who doesn't already have a mobile OS (Apple, RIM, HP via Palm, Microsoft) is going to bother making one any more. Even the so-called Facebook phone looks like it's going to be built on top of Android.

That means, like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, et. al the innovation will turn to hardware, and differentiation will be left to software skins, bloatware, and stickers on the box. Impressive, perhaps, in the Alienware sort of way. But imagine if Mozilla was starting in the browser space now, would they just use Chromium instead of their own Gecko as the foundation for Firefox? Would Facebook have built their social network on the Twitter API?

For a while mobile OS were explosively innovative. We went from Newton to PalmOS to Windows Mobile to BlackBerry to Symbian to iPhone/iOS to Android to webOS and all sorts of experimental Linux-based OS that may or may not see the light of day. It was so much more exciting than the Windows/Mac/Linux pace of PC OS.

Sure it's hard making an OS, even with BSD Unix or Linux at its core. Sure going Android would certainly save Mozilla or Facebook or Verizon (yeah, went there), a lot of time and money, but part of me hoped we were just at some mid-point in the mobile revolution, that we'd still have the chance to be blown away by an iOS or Android or webOS again. That we wouldn't have to wait for the next big transition -- to neuralOS or whatever it will be -- before we get that feeling of everything being new again.

So great concept, great tech, spectacular vision, but that even in a video rendering this wasn't running an amazing MozillaOS as thought-provoking in software as the device looks in hardware, depresses me. (I still want those pico projectors and remotes though!)

Video after the break

[Android Central]

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