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Ten things about website code everyone should know

Even if you never end up building a website by hand, these tips are essential.

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CSS Animations now available on iBooks, CSS Transforms on one day sale โ€” Hurry!

Vicki Murley, former Safari Technology Evangelist at Apple, has released her second book โ€” CSS Animations. It's a follow up to CSS Transforms, but goes even further in making the dynamic web understandable though something that's closer akin to an interactive learning experience than traditional book. Here's what's in CSS Animations:

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CSS Animation hits Kickstarter: Back your way to better websites now!

Vicki Murley worked on the iPhone and was Apple's Safari Technology Evangelist before leaving to start her own book company. Her first project, CSS Transforms, was marvelous, and her follow up, CSS Animations, looks to be even better. This time, however, she needs our help to make it a reality. Kickstarter:

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CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide hits iBooks for iPad

Vicki Murley, former web technologies evangelist at Apple, has produced a new iBook on CSS transformations. From the description:

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Google Chrome vs Safari: iOS Browser shootout!

Google Chrome for iOS was released today, so we naturally put it up against the default browser, Safari. We conducted some basic tests, such as load times (which revealed a slight lead for Chrome in two tests), JavaScript (where Safari had a significant lead), HTML5, and CSS (roughly equivalent).

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How websites are adapting for the new iPad Retina display and other HiDPI screens

Following the launch of the new iPad there's been a lot of discussion about how, and where or even whether, websites should update to support the needs of HiDPI screens like Apple's Retina display. If users are going to be looking at websites on a Retina display iPad, and one day Retina display Macs, HiDPI Android and Windows displays, and other high density screens, having them look as good as possible is a definite concern.

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iPhone 4 created purely from CSS3 code can slide to unlock and more

HTML5 and CSS expert Vasily Zubach has put together a quite amazing render of an iPhone 4 created solely using CSS3. Because it was created in this manner, it does not include any images at all, it is all done with code.

This rendering of iPhone 4 and its icons was made in pure CSS3. No images, no base64, no SVG, no canvas, just 3395 lines of CSS code and 335 lines of Javascript code (with jQuery, of course).Viewed best with the latest versions of Safari and Chrome in Mac OS X.

You can see what we mean by amazing, when you visit the full render here. It is not just a render but it also offers a certain amount of functionality too. You can slide to unlock, click the home button and even turn it on and off using the power button. Very clever work!

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Star Wars Opening Recreated in HTML, CSS!

Speaking of Daring Fireball links and HTML5, Guillermo Esteves has re-created the opening crawl from the original Star Wars using only web-based technologies. It currently runs exclusively on the bleeding-edge WebKit nightly builds, Safari for OS X Snow Leopard... and on the built-in iPhone Safari (though it doesn't look as polished).

That's right. No Chrome anything, including Android 2.1. No Palm webOS browser. That it works on the iPhone's and iPod touch's MobileSafari... is kind of crazy considering it hasn't been updated since iPhone 3.1.2 back on Oct. 8. Just goes to show how seriously Apple is pushing the web on the iPhone.

So, yeah, words moving away into perspective in your browser, but this is without QuickTime or Flash or anything to strain your bandwidth or burn your battery. Very nice.

YouTube video of the WebKit nightly build version after the break!

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WebKit Tells Flash to Kiss Their Apps: CSS Animation and 3D Already in iPhone Safari Browser

WebKit is Apple's open source evolution of the old Linux Konquerer KHTML browser, and it forms the foundation of Safari on both the desktop and the iPhone (and Google Android, Palm Pre, Nokia tablets, etc.). Their Surfin' Safari blog has just announced CSS animation support, but the better news (via MacRumors), is that iPhone (and iPod touch) Safari already supports both CSS animation and 3D.

Want to check it out? Just hit up this awesome animated falling leaf demo on your iPhone!

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