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Draw Something

Draw Something is trying to get you to draw their ads for them

Draw Something's next step after being acquired by Zynga is to get people to draw brands that that they're familiar with, like Doritos, the NHL, and KFC.

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iPhone & iPad Live 290: iPhone 4S six months later

Georgia, Seth, and Rene discuss the iPhone 4S six months later, widescreen iPhone rumors, widgets on iOS, best free iPhone apps, Draw Something updates, and furniture from the future! This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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Draw Something update lets you comment, share, undo, save, and more!

Draw Something, the super-popular iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app that lets players take turns guessing each others -- often comically bad -- pictures has been updated with a crayon box full of new features.

First off, you can now "say something" by commenting on drawings. That's right -- no more need to sarcastically scrawl your trash talk by hand before getting on with your own drawing.

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Georgia: How I use my iPhone 4S as a therapist

I've been using mobile devices since the Handspring Prism and switched to the iPhone in 2010 when it first arrived in Canada. Slowly but surely, I've come to rely on it more and more, not only for blogging here on iMore, but for managing my day job as a therapist.

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iPhone & iPad Live 287: Next iPhone, iPad mini, Draw Something, Angry Birds Space

Georgia, Seth, and Rene quickly cover the fallout of Chinese factory stories being faked, Apple's cash balance announcement, and the week's headlines, then dive deep into the 2012 iPad review, covering technology and experience. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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Draw Something review: The best way to show bad art

Draw Something has been a whirlwind success over the last month, culminating in the purchase of its developer, OMGPOP, by Zynga earlier this week. Draw Something's popularity is really pretty astonishing, considering how simple the game is. If you haven't had a chance to try it out, here's the premise: you draw something, and your friend tries to guess what it is.

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You'll soon be able to save and share your Draw Something drawings and chat with partners

Only days following Zynga's purchase of OMGPOP and Draw Something, comes an announcement with an impressive list of features that are coming soon to Draw Something.

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Zynga buys Draw Something creator, OMGPOP

Zynga, the undisputed behemoth in social gaming, has just acquired OMGPOP, the developer of a hugely successful game called Draw Something.

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iMore Picks of the Week for March 4, 2012

Every week the editors at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This weeks selections include a few games, a fun children's book, an app for writers, and an interesting photography app.

To see what we picked, and to tell us your pick, follow on after the break!

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