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facetime over cellular

How to enable or disable FaceTime over cellular on iPhone and iPad

FaceTime is a great tool for video chatting but can also use a lot of data. If you've got a limited data plan, you can quickly blow through it if you're using FaceTime too much over the cellular network. If you're worried about receiving calls and eating through your data plan faster than you'd like, you can disable FaceTime over cellular so you'll only receive FaceTime calls when connected to WiFi.

Here's how.

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AT&T expands FaceTime over cellular to iPhone 4S users, all tiered data plans

AT&T has announced that they are expanding the availability of FaceTime over cellular to all customers with a compatible iOS device, no matter what data plan they have. While some AT&T iPhone 4S users began seeing this feature back in November, AT&T did not make a statement at the time, and reports were sporadic.

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Net Neutrality complaint to be filed against AT&T for blocking FaceTime over cellular

AT&T's recent announcement that they'd be blocking FaceTime over cellular unless you're on one of their new mobile share plans has put them at odds with many of their customers. They are now facing a Net Neutrality complaint as a result.

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iMore show 307: What if Google had never made Android?

Rene, Georgia, and Seth talk iMore Forums apps, Kenny the Clown, LTE iPhones, AT&T FaceTime face-palms, the iPad mini, and what iOS would be like if Google had never made Android? This is the iMore show!

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AT&T responds regarding FaceTime over cellular restrictions

AT&T has responded to concerns about their new FaceTime Over Cellular policies which will require their customers to be on a mobile share plan in order to utilize the feature. While many believe this restriction violates the FCC's net neutrality laws, AT&T doesn't think it does.

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AT&T's FaceTime over cellular restriction could put them at odds with the FCC

AT&T's restriction of iOS 6 FaceTime over cellular to shared data plans might cause them to run afoul of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). AT&T won't be charging extra for FaceTime over cellular, but will be requiring what for many could be more expensive plans. Since AT&T doesn't do that with other video calling services, like Skype.

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AT&T will require you to be on a Mobile Share plan to use FaceTime over cellular

iOS 6 will allow users to use FaceTime over the cellular network as opposed to just Wi-Fi. AT&T has released a statement saying they will not charge extra for the FaceTime over cellular feature but you'll need to be on one of their new Mobile Share plans in order to have access to it.

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Poll: Would you pay extra for FaceTime over cellular?

Would you pay extra for FaceTime over cellular?

Rumor has it, come this fall AT&T just might charge extra for FaceTime over cellular when the feature launches with iOS 6. Is that fair?

AT&T has a business to run and if they can get a few more dollars per user, or keep a little extra traffic off their much-maligned network, could that be win/win for them? Do you believe in paying per service so you get the best service?

How about if AT&T makes FaceTime 'Net-non-neutral and, if you pay, guarantees your packets get served first and you get the best, most crystal clear video possible?Or if paying more meant an extra 1GB or so of FaceTime data? Would that make a difference to your decision?

Or do you firmly believe that you already pay AT&T, and pay them well, for your data and you should darn well be able to do what you please with it? Especially if your capped already, and paying extra already for tethering, should AT&T be allowed to triple dip in your data pool?

As always, vote in our poll up top and then give me the details in the comments below. iMore nation, how do you feel about the idea of paying extra for your cellular FaceTime?

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