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Fake iPhone sales are becoming a common sight on the streets of New York

Fake iPhones are starting to become a common site on the streets of New York as criminals look to cash in on the huge demand for the latest Apple device. The problem however is that the iPhones being sold by illegal vendors are probably fake.

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Microsoft denies Office for iPad rumor, says earlier information is inaccurate and picture is fake

The Daily claimed to have an exclusive story on the upcoming availability of Microsoft Office for iPad earlier today, unfortunately, the story appears to be highly inaccurate and misleading according to Microsoft.

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iPad 2 swapped with modelling clay and sold in Vancouver Future Shop store

Future Shop and Best Buy are investigating a scam where some iPad 2s purchased in its Vancouver stores turned out to be fake. It appears that scammers bought as many as ten iPad 2s and swapped them for modelling clay.

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Fake iPhone ring found to be using actual iPhone components

Police in Shanghai, China have discovered a group of five people assembling and selling fake versions of the iPhone. Those arrested are thought to be part of an organised gang that were buying in parts from Guangdong in southern China and assembling them in rented apartments in Shanghai. Some of the parts being used are even thought to be genuine components used in the assembly of the actual iPhone 4. About 200 fake iPhones were found during the raid on the apartments.

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Chinese authorities discover another 22 fake Apple stores in Kunming

After the discovery of a fake Apple Store in the Chinese city of Kunming last month, Chinese authorities have now discovered that there are a total of 22 unauthorized Apple retailers operating in the same area.

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iPhone 5 fakes already turning up in China [video]

The iPhone 5 hasn’t been launched yet, we don’t have any real idea what it will look like either. That hasn’t stopped the Chinese market for fake handsets to get one out the door already! Are we surprised? Not at all.

If we imagine for a moment, that the knockoff shown above, or in the video after the break, is based on some inside information on the iPhone 5 design, what do you think? It looks like a softened iPhone 4 design with a few more curves and an iPhone 3GS type curved rear.

Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz is so sure this design is accurate, he's

[Cult of Mac, Gizmodo]

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Fake iPhone stash thrown out of 18th floor window after police raid

What do you do if you’re a maker of fake iPhones in China and the police are battering your door in? Throw them out of your window that’s what! Not really the best idea if you happen to be on the eighteenth floor though...

This is what happened recently at a Shenzhen shop, when four fake iPhone dealers took the decision to dump their inventory to avoid prosecution. They tried to throw nearly one thousand cloned smartphones out of the eighteenth story window. Some of the phones were even said to be labelled as the yet to be announced iPhone 5! The police finally caught them burning transaction records but managed to recover a customer database.

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Spot the fakery: iPod touch 5 edition

There's fake, there's really fake, then there's fakety fake fake and while no one outside Apple can ever be certain, one look at the almost-certainly-not iPod touch 5 shots above and about all we're left to ask is how many points of fake fakery can you spot?


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UPDATED: Images of iPhone 4G/iPhone HD turn out to be a knock-off

UDPATE: Engadget initially updated their story on the iPhone G4 (not iPhone 4G!) to include the information below, then removed the update, their editor-in-chief stating on Twitter that a "major update is coming". So, we'll file this under "developing" for now...

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