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Saturday Fake Video: Apple iTablet

Chad spotted this in the wee hours, and it being no faker than many of the so-called analyst predictions about the when's and how-muches involving Apple's still unannounced iTablet, we figured it might be a fun, fakety fake fake sort way to start off the real weekend.

And if Apple by chance does make something close-ish to this, would you want?

[No Where Else via Gizmodo]

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MobileMe Scam Alert: Round 3

September was the last time we saw some malicious attacks on MobileMe subscribers. Well the scammers are at it again, trying to take advantage of Apple's MobileMe subscribers. A Gizmodo reader claims to have gotten the email shown above.

If you then click the fake "Login" button you will be directed to a website the scammers have set up -- to look like Apple's web site -- asking for your credit card information. It is safe to say, delete this email if you happen to find it in your inbox.

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Fake iPhone Nano Pics du Jour?

Blurry off-angle photo? Check. Recycled tag line? Check. Recycled hero artwork? Check. Photoshop? Check.

Yes, folks, Jon4Lakers appears to have iPhone Nano fakes just in time for Macworld? And could it be from the same fine folks who brought us the fake Mac Mini poster?

Sure, case makers have made iPhone Nano rumors all the rage again, but just shrinking down the screen's physical size making capacitive targets difficult for beefy fingers to hit doesn't make much sense, does it?

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Warning: Holy Fake Jailbreaking Sites Batman!

Here and TiPb we like to protect our readers from all that is evil. Well today we have a little warning from the Dev Team regarding the fake QuickPwn sites on the internet.

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Nike+ Pictures May Be Fake, Bummer

Those Nike+ Pictures we reported a few days back? There's some rumblings that they may be fake. Yes, Apple and Nike are still in cahoots and plan on releasing Nike+ for the iPhone, but the pictures floating around the web are not a production of Apple or Nike but rather some enterprising photoshop expert.

Who knows when we'll get some solid info on Nike+ for iPhone. Hopefully, Apple and Nike are working on creating a great program that includes some of the features we saw in the screenshots like the ability to map out a running route. There currently is no timetable for Nike+ to be released on the iPhone.

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Updated: iPhone 3G in Canada: Regarding that Probably Fake Leaked Rogers Memo...

There's a memo being circulated everywhere from TiPb's comments to some of the biggest sites on the blogsphere, that purports to contain leaked information on Rogers -- the GSM monopoly with de-facto exclusive iPhone 3G rights in Canada -- rate plans, including data rates, which have historically been a HUGE issue for Canadians.

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