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Google Play Newsstand coming to an iOS device near you in 2014

We've already got one Newsstand on our iPhones and iPads, and Google it seems wants to be the second. Announced today, Google Play Newsstand is a new product that will be rolling together Google Currents and the until now Android only Google Play Magazines under one banner. The app is Android only at first, though according to Engadget it will also be coming our way sometime next year:

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iMore asks: Are you using Google Currents?

Are you using Google's digital magazine-style news aggregator, Google Currents on your iPad or iPhone? Google Currents is going on 2 months old and while it got to the market with Flipboard well ahead of it, it does have Google's brand and power behind it. It's also got a brand new iMore Editions for your reading pleasure. Along with the launch-day Android Central edition, we've also added a Mobile Nations super edition, so you can keep up with all your platforms, all in one place, all for free.

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iPad Live 86: Endgame

Rene, Seth, and Jim Dalrymple talk Apple's endgame, 7-inch challenges, putting the user first, the problem with Newsstand, Google Currents, and more. This is iPad Live!

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Google releases Currents, a user-friendly news reader

Google has just released Currents, their post-Flipboard take on the news reader, which brings your favorite RSS feeds, video streams, public Google + posts together with over 150 publishing partners. Reading content in Google Currents is just as easy, if not easier than viewing it all over the web, and it is free.

Unfortunately it is only available in the US, so not everyone can take part in it just yet.

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