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Google Earth

Google Earth adds Street View for your ground-level peeping pleasure

Google Earth for iOS has just been updated to version 7.1 and among the big new features is Street View, just like its cousin, Google Maps, has been enjoying for a while now. According to Haris Ramicthe, the program manager, on the Google Maps blog:

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How to track Santa on your iPhone and iPad

If you've got an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you and yours can keep an eye on Santa, and track his progress as he delivers presents to boys and girls around the world, then you're in luck -- Google Earth for iOS has a special Follow Santa tour ready and waiting. Simply swipe up from the bottom to open the tour tab, tap the Santa button, and watch him go!

If you're on a Mac or Windows PC, you can follow Santa on the web:

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Google beats iOS 6 to the 3D maps punch with Google Earth update... but is it any good?

Apple's all new iOS 6 Maps app is still in beta and won't be released publicly until the fall, but if you want 3D maps on your iPhone or iPad now, you can get them courtesy of Google Earth's latest update. Google announced 3D was coming to their maps products following rumors Apple would be adding them to iOS, and is currently offering the virtual models in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva, and Rome, with more to follow in the "coming weeks". So how do they compare?

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Google Updates Google Earth for iPhone, iPad - Contains Ocean Layer Content!

Google updated it's Google Earth app for iPhone and iPad this morning, including Retina Display support and oceanic layer content that was previously unavailable to iOS users. With this new update, you can now zoom in below the surface of the ocean and view the deep trenches and geography of the ocean floor.

Taking a look at the underwater bathymetry on iPhone 4 Retina Display is, simply put, amazing, and a new experience for users on the go. You'll have to see it for yourself to truly understand what I'm trying to relay in this post.

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App vs App: Google Earth vs Earthscape

[This is a TiPb AT WORK App vs. App Interlude! Last week, we ran our Remote Desktop/VNC Showdown, with Jaadu edging out Mocha for the victory. But which forum voter and blog commenter won copies of the winning App? Congratulations MSZATNY and GOS

This week, while the TiPb iPhone Forums vote on THE TWIST Casey steps in to look at Earthscape and it's major-league new rival, Google Earth! They're both FREE, but if you comment below (and make sure you leave a valid email address in the comment form -- it won't be made public, but it will be used to contact you), you'll still have a chance to win an iTunes gift certificate from TiPb! Check out the full contest details, then grab your iPhone and get ready to get things done -- the TiPb AT WORK Interlude: Earth vs Earth is on!]

Google has a certain love affair with the iPhone. Yeah, we know Android is Google’s baby but that doesn’t stop them from putting out top-notch applications for the iPhone. The Youtube App and Google Maps are both best in class and Gmail and Google Reader on Safari are setting the bar for web-based applications. So though Android is all Google, they're still not ready to leave the iPhone.

Case in point, the release of Google Earth on the iPhone. Anyone a bit surprised that they released one of their more unique products on the iPhone before it got even as much as a sniff for Android? Luckily, as iPhone users we don’t have to worry about the politics of the situation and we get to enjoy the app for what it is.

But Google Earth isn’t the only player in town. Earthscape has been around, is free (used to be $9.99), and works admirably. So in this arena of mobile Earth based apps, is Google Earth the young challenger or the new champion?

Read on to find out in this special edition of App vs App!

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Googlepalooza Continues! Google Earth for iPhone!

UPDATE: Jeff from 148apps provides the direct App Store link! Thanks Jeff!

iPhone 2.2 style Google Maps Street-view, Transit, Walking Directions, and Location Sharing still not enough Google love for the iPhone? Want just that much more proof of affection? How about this: Google Earth is coming to the iPhone!

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