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Do you still trust Google with your personal data?

Do you still trust Google with your personal data?online surveys

While a lot of controversy has surrounded Facebook and privacy, Google has lately made many wonder if they could still be trusted with our private, personal info as well.

Personally, I'm all in with Google and I don't see that changing unless/until something truly cataclysmic happens. Dieter told me to sell my soul and enjoy all the free, fantastic services and sell it I did. I've significantly curtailed what I share over Facebook in light of their privacy stumbles, yet I've continued to go full steam ahead with Google.

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Google Mobile App updated to include push notifications

We have good news for those of you not taking full advantage of Google Sync on your iOS device and prefer to use the Google Mobile App [iTunes Link - Free]. You will be happy to know that an update has been rolled out that allows for push notifications. You will now receive an icon badge that displays a message saying you’ve got new mail along with calendar event reminders that will appear on your home screen.

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LG, Verizon/Google, Palm preparing iPad competitors

We've been asking where the iPad competition has been for a while now, and it seems like it's slowly starting to pick up with LG, Palm, and Google/Verizon hitting the news this week.

We'll take a look at a few of them, after the break.

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Google stacks Gmail for iPad

Google continues to rapidly reincarnate their iPad Gmail web app, this time introducing Apple Mail-style stacks into the mix. Back when the iPad optimized version of Gmail was launched, Google emphasized their new code base would allow for just this kind of fast feature development, and now hot on the heels of the new compose screen, stacks will allow for easier grouping and organizing of mail. They also gave Google's team a chance to play with CSS transitions to try and get closer in look and feel to native apps.

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Woz talks iPhone 4 antenna, Google, and Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently held an interview at the Campus Party in Valencia, Spain. He talked about the iPhone 4's antenna problems, Apples relationship with Google, his roll at Apple, and his relationship with Steve Jobs.

Here's some of what he had to say.

On iPhone 4 antenna

  • "I have not really had a problem with the antenna... I think it’s a very tiny, tiny problem that is blown out of proportion because there are a lot of people who want to accuse Apple of a mistake only because Apple has been so good with its products, creating the products that we all love."

  • "Even though I can cause the problem on my iPhone 4, I don’t have the problem in real usage."

  • "A problem that is imagined to exist is that much greater the more you love the product that you’re afraid won’t work"

On Google

  • "In recent times, I’ve been a little saddened to encounter the controversy between Apple and Google."

  • "I love Google, but I’m afraid it has a chance of becoming the Microsoft of the future. You remember how Microsoft used all of their ownership of the operating system to take over the browser."

On his role at Apple

  • "Although I receive a small salary from Apple, I do virtually no real work at the company."

  • "I like to be more on the outside of Apple, because I prefer to judge products objectively."

On Steve Jobs

  • "I chat with Steve Jobs now and then, from time to time, and we have never had an argument. We have always been friends. We are not close friends like we once were, spending every day together."

What do you think? Is the iPhone 4 antenna problem blown out of proportion? Are you afraid of Google becoming the next Microsoft?

My follow up question to Mr. Woz is what exactly he considers a small salary!

Check out video of the interview after the break.


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Apple ditched Skyhook and Google, rolled their own location database

TechCrunch went through the fine print and noticed that, with iOS 3.2 (iPhone 3.2 for iPad) Apple switched from using Skyhook and Google's location database to using their own, home spun, solution.

When reached for comment, Skyhook wouldn’t specifically talk about their relationship with Apple, but they did say that “everyone who has a platform wants to own as much of the location stack as possible. Location data is going the be huge and owning it is going to be the next big war in mobile.“

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iPhone 4 vs Android Captivate

An iPhone 4 user's experience with the Android 2.1 powered Samsung Captivate on AT&T

I’ll preface this by saying before this review, I’ve hardly laid hands on an Android device, let alone considered throwing my iPhone aside to completely delve into the OS and see if I could actually survive without my iPhone.  In my time with an Android device, the short answer would be that Android would be a perfectly passable everyday phone.  But would I make the switch and ditch my iPhone 4? Hit the jump to find out as well as see tons of videos and a gallery chock full of comparison pics!

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iPhone vs Android: Cooper, Woz, and Page edition

A bit of a roundup this afternoon as the cell phone inventor Martin Cooper, personal computer inventor Steve Wozniak, and advertising revolutionary Larry Page all give their opinions on iPhone vs. Android.

Martin Cooper went on CNN with this zinger:

"I think that the Android phones are catching up now, and the latest version of the Android phones are every bit as good, if not better, than the iPhone."

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YouTube significantly updates mobile site for iPhone

Google's YouTube has deployed a significant update to their mobile site, m.youtube.com. As is typical with Google's web apps, it works well and looks even better. Here's their hit list:

It's really fast. The user interface incorporates larger, more touch-friendly elements, making it easier to access videos on the go. It incorporates the features and functionality you’ve come to expect from the .com site, like search query suggestions, the options to create playlists, the ability to designate “favorite,” “like” or “unlike” videos directly from your device. As we make improvements to Youtube.com, you’ll see them quickly follow on our mobile site, unlike native apps which are not updated as frequently.

Sure, iPhone has a built-in YouTube app but it gets its updates only a few times a year when iOS gets updated. Theoretically, m.youtube.com will get updates any time YouTube feels like it, hopefully as fast as the main YouTube site. And hey, who doesn't like options?

Video after the break.

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