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Itunes 10.5

Apple releases iTunes 10.5.1, launches iTunes Match in the US [Updated]

Apple has released iTunes 10.5.1 and along with it, their paid music locker service in the U.S., iTunes Match. Coming after several extended betas, and past the previously announced October time frame, iTunes Match costs 24.99 a year and allows users to scan their iTunes libraries and either gain access to matching, 256kbps tracks from the iTunes Catalog, or upload their own, off-catalog tracks for access from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes client on Mac or Windows.

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Apple releases iTunes 10.5

As a precursor to tomorrows iOS 5 update and iCloud explosion, Apple today released iTunes 10.5 to the masses. Here's what's new:

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Apple releases iTunes 10.5 beta 9 to developers

While there haven't been any new iOS betas for iPhone or iPad since beta 7, iTunes is still getting some attention -- beta 9 was just released to developers.


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Apple releases iTunes 10.5 beta 8, iWork for iOS beta 3

No new iOS for iPhone or iPad beta yet, but Apple has dropped iTunes 10.5 beta 8 and iWork for iOS beta 3 on developers today. Could most of the iOS beta heavy lifting have been done, and now the focus switched to iCloud? Just might be.

For would be iTunes Match testers, this time Apple reminds that:

iTunes Match beta is currently available to developers in the United States.

No word yet on what if any changes might have crept in.

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Apple releases iOS 5 beta 6 to developers

Apple has just released iOS 5 beta 6 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV to developers, along with iTunes 10.5 beta 6, and Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 6.

As with the previous 2 iOS 5 betas, this one is available over the air (OTA) via Software Update in Settings.

No word yet on changes, so let us know if you see anything interesting and jump on over to our iOS 5 Forum for more!

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Developers: Apple releases iOS 5 beta 4 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes 10.5 beta 4 for Mac

Apple has once again pulled a Friday trigger on an iOS beta, this time iOS beta 4 for iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV, as well as iTunes 10.5 beta 5 for Mac and Xcode 4.2 DP 4.

If you're a registered, paid developer head on over and grab it all now. If you spot anything new and noteworthy, let us know in comments, and discuss away in our iOS 5 forum.

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Apple releases iOS 5 beta 3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV to developers

Apple has just released iOS 5 beta 3 (9A5259f) for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV, along with iTunes 10.5 beta 3 for Mac, and Xcode 4.3 Preview 3 for developers.

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Apple releases iOS 5 beta 2 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes 10.5 beta 2 for Mac

Apple has just released iOS 5 beta 2 (build 9A5248d) for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV, and iTunes 10.5 beta 2 for Mac. It's a rare Friday release for a company that, in the past, has typically released every second Tuesday.

It's also a large release, the iPhone 4 version weighing in at over 817MB (hey, those notifications gotta sit somewhere!).

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iCloud features: Manage associated devices in iTunes

While Apple boldly cut the cord with iOS 5, moving from iTunes to iCloud, it looks like they're wisely leaving some account management power in the veteran desktop app -- namely the ability to manage iCloud associated devices.

With iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you can choose to enable automatic downloads -- so any app or iBook (or music in the US) bought on iTunes on Mac or Windows PC, or on any iOS device on your account, is pushed out to every other client on that account. Buy Pages on iPhone, it automatically installs on your iPad as well. With iOS 4.3 and iOS 5, you can also call up a list of previous app (and music in the US) purchases and re-download them.

So seeing exactly which devices are on your account, and being able to remove them if you have to (buh-bye, ex!) is a great feature for iCloud to have, and it makes sense for it to live in iCloud.

Moreover, since you can only change the account any device is registered to once every 90 days (to prevent everyone from logging in to every friends' account and downloading everyone else's content without paying for it), iTunes will also show you how many days you have left until you can switch accounts again.

If you only have one device, it may not be a big deal. If you're managing a family, or your account status is as complicated as your relationships, it may matter to you more.

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iTunes 10.5 beta for Mac is -- finally -- 64-bit, Cocoa app?

MacRumors is reporting that the iTunes 10.5 beta for Mac runs in 64-bit mode on Mac OS X Lion, and since the old Carbon APIs don't support 64-bit, it must have, at long, long last, finally been re-written as a Cocoa app. Before you get too excited, however, it still runs in 32-bit mode on older versions of OS X and doesn't particularly seem very Cocoa-like, at least at this stage. (Hey, at least the

I'd always assumed maintaining Windows compatibility was was hamstrung iTunes, forced it to do too much and stick with older API far too long. Sort of revenge for Microsoft Office on Mac. Wrapping up everything OS X does, like CoreAnimation, CoreAudio, and the other frameworks and bundling them up for Windows can't be trivial, after all.

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