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Itunes 11

iTunes updated to v11.0.4, promises fix for syncing issues

Apple has released a small update to iTunes, bumping it to version 11.0.4, and includes a fix for an issue that caused iTunes to quit if the user switched between wired and wireless syncing. The release notes say:

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iMore show 330: 2012 year in review


Rene and Seth talk about Tim Cook's first year as CEO of Apple, all the iOS device launches, the maps debacle, iTunes 11, the iPad mini, and more.

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Sometimes an iCloud icon is just an iCloud icon

As part of its massive redesign, iTunes 11 includes a curious iCloud icon at the top left, just beside the media type selector drop down. What does this iCloud icon mean? What does it want from us? Matthew Panzarino investigated and shared his findings on Robot Tuxedo:

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How to use iTunes in the Cloud under iTunes 11

If you buy your music, TV shows, and music from iTunes, iTunes 11 makes it easier than ever to download, and re-download all that content thanks to iTunes in the Cloud. With iTunes in the Cloud, even if you no longer have a song, film, or episode you previously bought on your Mac or Windows PC, you're only ever a click away from getting it back. iTunes in the Cloud can be a great space-saver for small hard drives, and is definitely a great backup for everyone.

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Iterate 35: Gedeon Maheux, David Lanham and Twitterrific 5

Marc, Seth, and Rene talk to Gedeon Maheux and David Lanham of the Iconfactory about Twitterrific 5, their completely re-designed Twitter app, and about iTunes 11, Apple's completely re-designed… everything app. This is Iterate.

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How to manually transfer media to your iPhone and iPad with iTunes 11

If you haven't hopped on the iCloud and iTunes Match bandwagons just yet, you can still sync content to your iPhone and iPad with iTunes. The newly released iTunes 11 switches things up a little so if you aren't quite sure how to continue using iTunes to manage all your media and apps, follow along and we'll show you how.

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How do you like iTunes 11? [Poll]

What do you think of iTunes 11?

So now that you've had a few days to dig into it, what do you think about iTunes 11? Is it the radical redesign you've been waiting for, or just a skin over the same old plumbing? Is the interface all cleaned up, or just confusing? Does iCloud integration make your life easier or simply more annoying?

Vote in the poll up top and let us know about any new features you really love, or hate, in the comments below!

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How to use Up Next in iTunes 11

While creating playlists has always worked in the past, it has always left something to be desired when it comes to adding music or tweaking content quickly. iTunes 11 aims to solve this problem with its all new Up Next feature. The idea is that you can add songs when you think of them quickly and they'll be put in an easy to access queue in iTunes that you can edit, clear, and add to whenever and as often as you'd like.

Here's how to get started with Up Next.

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Apple releases iTunes 11

Apple has released iTunes 11. Grab it now via the Mac App Store's Software Update. It introduces a completely redesigned UI, a new store, playback syncing, improved search, a new MiniPlayer, and better iCloud integration.

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iTunes 11 still launching this week, was delayed due to engineering issues

After its introduction during the September iPhone and iPod event, iTunes 11 was delayed from its initial October launch date to sometime in November. A more radical departure than previous updates, which included Genius Playlists and the ill-fated Ping social music network, iTunes 11 boats a new, more iOS 6 like interface, and deeper, tighter iCloud. When Apple announced the delay, they said iTunes 11 was taking longer than expected to get right.

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