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Itunes 7.7

iTunes 7.7 Live! 500 Apps! 90% Under $10! 25% Free! + Jobs Speaks!

Steve Jobs only speaks to the media when he has to, when he launches an iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook Air... the App Store. Here's what he just said to USA Today:

"This is the biggest launch of my career."

From the man who brought us the Apple II and the Mac? Really? That's a lot of faith in what some are calling the next major platform. And it looks like Jobs isn't taking any chances. Heck, it looks like he's positively stacking the deck:

500 Apps in the Store at launch. 450 of them under $10. 125 of them FREE.

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iPhone 2.0 + iTunes 7.7 Video Walkthrough!

Those lucky... bloggers over at Gizmodo have scored a video walkthrough of both the iPhone 2.0 software (build 5A345) and the matching iTunes 7.7 developers received last week. What say they?

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 8 + iTunes 7.7 Beta

Beta release 8 is compatible with the final iPhone OS 2.0 release and must be used to build and sign any iPhone OS application to be submitted to the App Store. As a reminder, you must be a member of the iPhone Developer Program to submit apps.

So quoth Apple's developer site, continuing its relentless schedule leading up to a rumored Friday Gold Master, and a necessary July 11th iPhone 3G launch.

The latest beta weighs in at 1.25 GB and is identified as 5a345.

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