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Itunes Replay

iTunes Replay streaming movies, subscriptions not coming soon after all?

CNET drops a big bottle of killjoy juice on recent rumors that Apple might just be ready to rollout their fabled iTunes Replay service -- the ability to re-download and stream content to iOS and iTunes from the iCloud -- or a Netflix-like subscription service.

While Apple has music and now TV available for re-download, at least in the US, apparently they've only got agreements with 4 of the 6 big studios needed to add movies to the mix.

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Apple launching iTunes Replay in the coming weeks?

iTunes Replay is the rumored name of the rumored Apple subscription video streaming service rumored to compete with the likes of Netflix. Apple Insider reported on the rumors a while back, and now App Advice hears it might be coming soon.

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Poll: Should iTunes Move to the Cloud?

Should iTunes move to the cloud?(survey software)

Back in February there were rumors of something called iTunes Replay, that would allow users to store their media purchases -- which can easily grow to 10s if not 100s of GBs fairly quickly -- on Apple's servers and then stream them down to iTunes, Apple TV, or their iPhone or iPod touch on-demand.

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Want to Stream Your iTunes Videos Directly to Your iPhone? Enter iTunes Replay Rumor!

Even if we get a 32GB iPhone this year, that will still limit the amount of big, blobby iTunes movie content we can carry around with us. Sure, maybe 20 movies at 1GB each is doable, but as video and sound quality increase towards the HD, and collections grow and grow, the ability to stream content to mobile devices becomes key.

So it's not too surprising Apple Insider reports iTunes Replay is looking to provide just such a streaming service:

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