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QuickType Keyboard: The ultimate guide

How do you use the QuickType keyboard on your iPhone and iPad? What's the deal with predictions, suggestions, shortcuts, emoji, and more? Find out here!

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How to customize the keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your keyboard could be doing more for you?

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How to use text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Tired of typing out long words, names, email addresses, web addresses, or entire sentences over and over again? Well then, save yourself some time and effort and set up some keyboard shortcuts.

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How connect to a Bluetooth keyboard with iPhone or iPad

It may not be the old-school electric clickity-clacker some still enjoy, but the Magic Keyboard is slimmer and more portable than ever. And while it's sold with the Mac, it also works perfectly well with the iPhone and iPad.

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How to use the QuickType keyboard on iPhone and iPad

QuickType is Apple's predictive keyboard that gets smarter as you use it.

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How to edit and format text on iPhone and iPad

Apple has made it easy to edit and format text on your iPhone or iPad — all you have to do is touch, hold, and get to work!

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How to use the keyboard shortcut bar on iPad

Like to get to your editing and formatting options quicker? iPad has got your back!

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Master the Apple TV keyboard with these three tricks

Here's a fun trick: Learn how to quickly type special characters on your fourth-generation Apple TV or re-use frequently-typed email addresses.

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How to disable iOS 9's lower-case keyboard and character previews

In iOS 9, Apple again attempted to fix confusion around the Shift key with a UI move: This time around, disabling the shift key swaps your uppercase letters to lowercase versions. If the switch between uppercase and lowercase letters is making your head spin, you don't have to stick with it: Here's how to turn it off.

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The Slated keyboard for iPhone and iPad also doubles as a real-time translator

There have been a bunch of virtual keyboards launched for iOS 8 in the past couple of months, but a newly launched app called Slated can serve as both a keyboard and a translator for the iPhone and iPad.

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