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Kickstarter project 'ComfortWay' promises truly worldwide data roaming on the cheap

There's a new Kickstarter project that's sure to grab any traveler's attention. ComfortWay Travel Case is is a battery case for the iPhone that also promises to deliver worldwide cellular coverage through virtual SIM technology.

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Modbook Pro X turns the Retina MacBook Pro into OS X tablet... for a price

Modbook is back, and this time they're taking their tablet converting-ways to the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. Modbook has for several years been converting MacBooks into the OS X tablet that Apple has so far not released to the world. They've converted the old white MacBooks and the last generation MacBook Pro. Their attention now has been turned to the Retina MacBook Pro, but they're taking to KickStarter and making things a bit different than before with the Modbook Pro X.

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Cabin is a battery case and MagSafe charger for your iPhone

Cabin is a new battery case for your iPhone that easily attaches itself to your phone using magnets. The 2200mAh battery attaches to the bottom of your device by use of the magnetic MicroAdapter that plugs into the Lightning port on your phone. The aluminum back of the Cabin serves to protect your device. The Cabin's MagAdapter attaches to your Lightning cable so that you can charge your device without MicroAdapter.

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Swich wireless charger base looks for funding via Kickstarter

A company called Lutman Design is seeking funds, via a Kickstarter campaign, for Swich, a wireless charger base for smartphones that use the Qi standard.

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Arcus Motion Analyzer 'smart ring' announced with Kickstarter campaign

Arcus Motion, a Hungary-based company, has launched a Kickstarter fund raising campaign for the Arcus Motion Analyzer, a "smart ring" that it claims can be used as both an activity tracker as well as a motion gesture controller for several platforms.

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Pebble offers special Reading Rainbow Kickstarter version

Pebble is helping to fund the current Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign by offering a limited edition version of their smartwatch as a reward for backers.

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Luxi for All: This Kickstarter project wants to bring a real light meter to mobile

Professional photographers who use a light meter can now use their phones instead to get proper exposure information thanks to the Luxi Kickstarter campaign. Luxi, which was previously available for iPhone, is now expanding the campaign to support Android and iPad tablets.

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Orée Pebble 2 is a beautiful natural material Qi charger looking for Kickstarter backers

For those who want to add a little bit of luxury to their smartphone, Orée has created a wireless charging block that's fashioned out of a single block of wood or marble and integrates a speaker and microphone for speakerphone calls. For a Kickstarter pledge starting at $200, the Orée Pebble 2 is an elegantly designed cylinder that sits on your desk and bedside stand so you can merely set a smartphone with Qi wireless charging technology on top of the Pebble 2 and it will begin charging without requiring any wires.

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You can now pre-order a Kolibree, the first connected electric toothbrush

Kolibree, the world’s first connected electric toothbrush, is now live for pre-orders on Kickstarter. Funds raised from Kickstarter supporters will be used to manufacture and distribute Kolibree’s connected toothbrush, starting with a limited rollout in June and wide distribution worldwide starting in the U.S. and Europe in late Q3/early Q4 2014. We got a chance to see it in person Thursday night.

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Lensbaby takes to Kickstarter with new iPhone 'sweet spot' lens

Lensbaby has some new iPhoneography gear up on KickStarter and it's called the Sweet Spot or the Creative Focus lens... or the LM-10. Or something. But naming consistency aside what Lensbaby is offering is a single, tight area of focus surrounded by MASSIVE blur. Whether you find that directs the eye to exactly where you want it to be, or just annoys you no end will likely depend on whether you view the Sweet Spot as art or novelty. Either way, if it appeals to you and your photographic sensibilities, you can back it now!

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