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HEX begins Kickstarter campaign for Wireless Carry-On Suitcase

  • Patent-pending wireless charging system
  • Hinomoto Lisof® Silent-Run Wheels
  • Makrolon polycarbonate shell
  • HEX plans to deliver suitcases in November after successful Kickstarter funding

HEX aimed to magnify the joy of travel by removing one common worry: your smartphone running out of power. The HEX Wireless Carry-On Suitcase has an integrated wireless charging pad right on top of the bag so you can keep your smartphone charged up without having to find an outlet. This is a new wireless charging system, patent-pending. If you need to charge a phone or other item that cannot be charged wirelessly, don't worry; the battery is backward-compatible and has a USB charging port as well.

The hard-sided suitcase itself has a Makrolon Polycarbonate Shell (Makrolon is basically the "Cadillac of polycarbonate.") You'll be gliding through the airport with Hinomoto Lisof® Silent-Run Wheels. The bearingless design allows them to run more smoothly and quietly than other wheels.

Premium metal hardware is used throughout. The zippers are YKK's EYL abrasion-resistant zippers with 15 times more abrasion resistance than YKK's other zippers. In fact, they've been tested over 50,000 times. TSA-approved travel locks allow security access while keeping your belongings secure.

The HEX Wireless Carry-On Suitcase comes with a set of foldable packing pods. These will help keep your belongings organized when you pack your bag.

The Kickstarter campaign kicked off on February 18, with the bags expected to ship out this November. As with any Kickstarter campaign, there is no guarantee that the product will come to market. However, HEX is a well-established company. There will be two colors available: Black and Glacier Camo.

HEX Wireless Carry-On Suitcase

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Charge on the fly

HEX is on Kickstarter to fund a new carry-on suitcase with a built-in wireless phone charger.

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