Foundation Dock hits Kickstarter, a strong and flexible docking solution for iPhone

The Foundation Dock has arrived on Kickstarter and looks to provide a docking solution for your iPhone that is quite different to anything else currently available. The dock has a very strong flexible cable which is there to allow you to easily position your iPhone in any viewing angle that suits you. It can be twisted and bent into just about any shape then locked into position to give your iPhone the ultimate support.

The Foundation Dock is an elegant evolution of the iPhone cradle that clears the clutter from your workstation and consolidates your desktop devices into one hub. The Foundation Dock is a solid aluminum CNC machined iPhone dock with a built-in speaker, a microphone, Shielded Audio Line out, 4 additional powered USB ports 3.0, and a mini USB, 3.0.The flexible cable is 16 inches long, allowing it to be wrapped around objects or coiled into its own stand for self-portraits or FaceTime calls. It can even be positioned horizontally for document scanning or photography. The flexible cable can go anywhere you do, turning your car or living room into a roving workstation. The long 16” flexible cable plugs into any USB port and will even reach your rear facing USB ports, making it the perfect partner for iMacs!

The cradle can be used with or without a case and fully supports the weight of the iPhone in any position you choose. You can also get an in-car charging accessory which offers a 12-volt in-car charger which has been designed with a recessed USB port to keep the cable rigid and your iPhone rock solid in your car. Should the iPhone 5 arrive with the expected smaller dock connector, the Foundation Dock will also be available to support that too.

The Foundation Dock is certainly a very interesting docking solution and unlike anything I have seen before. If that cable is as strong as it looks then it could be a really nice flexible docking solution or car mount. If you like the idea of the Foundation Dock, you can become an early adopter with a pledge of $45 or more to secure one cable and aluminium base should they make it into production. The Foundation Dock currently has around $10,311 of pledges and it needs to hit over $37,000 to gain enough to be funded; it still has 30 days to go.

What do you think of the Foundation Dock? Could you see your iPhone sitting in one of these at your desk or in your car?

Source: Kickstarter


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