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Kids Corner

Great March break projects and apps for the family!

For many families, next week is March break, when the schools close and the kids come home. If they're coming home to iPhones and iPads, there's a lot to keep them busy — and learning!

Whether you're going on vacation or enjoying a much-deserved staycation, there are plenty of apps both built-into the iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store to help pass the time and make the most of it. If you're looking for some projects to get creative with, we originally filmed these for the summer, but they work just as well for the spring.

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Discovering Colors - Animals for iPhone and iPad review

Discovering Colors - Animals is a coloring book for the iPhone and iPad that aims to teach young children (ages 2-5) about matching colors in drawings of animals. In each drawing, different sections are marked by a colored circle indicating which color should be used there. To color the picture, the child simply needs to tap the section with the correct color. When the drawing is completely colored, it will animate.

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Lola's Math Train for iPhone and iPad review

Lola's Math Train is an iPhone and iPad app designed to help children 3-7 years old develop basic math and arithmetic skills. The difficulty level ranges between simple number recognition, basic inequality (which number is bigger), and elementary arithmetic. Lola's Math Train turns learning into a fun experience and has a positive impact on kids' puzzle solving skills.

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Engage in the journey of the creation of the alphabet with Numberlys for iPhone and iPad

Numberlys is an interactive story about the origins of the alphabet from Moonbot Studios. In a world where everything and everyoone are named after numbers, five friends embark on a mission to create something different - the alphabet.

I just finished watching, reading, and interacting with Numberlys and it's a fantastic little story! The graphics are great and the narrator is just as awesome. Moonbot Studios did a great job of making this a hybrid between a book, movie, and game. It's no question that any child would enjoy Numberlys, but most adults will too!

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Learn about shapes with Shape Fun for iPhone and iPad [Kids Corner]

Shape Fun is an app to help toddlers and young children learn shapes. It makes the learning fun with exciting scenes, animations, and music incorporated into games with a reward system.

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Word Games for Kids - Futaba for iPad [Kids Corner]

Word Games for Kids - Futaba is a multiplayer iPad game for kids that quizzes them on words. Up to four kids sit around the iPad and the first one to tap the word that matches the picture that appears in the center wins a point.

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Rumpelstiltskin HD - A 3D Children's Interactive Storybook [Kids Corner]

the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin, is now available on the iPhone and iPad as an interactive storybook. All scenes feature 360º viewing and tapping on objects and characters will result in animations and dialog.

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The Moogies for iPhone and iPad [Kids Corner]

The Moogies is an iPhone and iPad app targeted for children aged 2-6. A Moogie is a silly colorful character that your child can "call" and babble with. There are 9 different Moogies, each with their own personality.

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Fun for Kids HD [Kids Corner]

Fun for Kids HD is an iPhone and iPad app that includes a picture book, puzzles, and games. It covers four main groups: animals, baby animals, vehicles and things and offers support for English, German, Spanish and Swedish.

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Be part of the Cinderella Story with with Cinderella animated picture book for iPad [Kids Corner]

Nosy Crow has released their newest animated storybook, Cinderella. It's the same story that we've all grown to love, only this version allows you to add your child's picture to the magic mirror!

What a great way to add more excitement to this classic story! Growing up, I had a book that was personalized with my name and loved it, but that's nowhere near as cool as having your face included the story! I can't wait to read this to my niece - I know she'll love it.

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