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Google confirms Latitude will be retired, someone, somewhere may miss it

Besides this mornings news that the new Google Maps will soon be heading our way, Google has also confirmed that Latitude, their location sharing service, will be retired on August 9. After this date the Latitude for iPhone application will stop working, along with any other Latitude API based applications. Someone, somewhere may shed a little tear, but while it may be gone, location sharing shall live on at Google in a different guise.

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How to stop Google Latitude from tracking you

Google Latitude just landed on iPhone and as with any location-based app, it's always good to know how to turn it off and maintain your privacy when you so choose. This one can be a little trickier than most since it looks like even quitting the app and rebooting doesn't turn off Latitude tracking.

We don't know if this is some bad coding on Google's part, whether Apple's background location API is supposed to be allowed to do this or not, or if this is just the way Latitude is designed to work (scrary if so!) but it just seems to stay on. In order to turn Latitude's tracking off this is what you need to do:

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Google Latitude for iPhone now in App Store

After a slight case of premature app-storification, Google Latitude for iPhone is now officially and properly available for download. Those features again:

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Google Finally Provides Latitude to iPhone Users -- Yeah, it's a WebApp

Google Latitude -- the service that either allows you to keep track of your friends or be stalked by stalking stalker types, depending on your point of view -- is finally available for the iPhone and iPod touch. No, it's not built into Google Maps as part of iPhone 3.1 with push update capability. No, it's not built into Google Mobile app. No, it's not even set up as an iPhone app in and of itself.

Google Latitude is a WebApp and it runs in Mobile Safari using the iPhone 3.0 geoLocation feature.

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Google Latitude for iPhone... a WebApp?!

Techcrunch reports that during Google's I/O developers conference they showed off the iPhone version of Latitude -- which lets users stalk keep track of their friends via GPS and other location-based services -- but not as part of some revamped Map or Google Mobile application as many suspected:

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