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iOS 4 app updates: BeeJiveIM, iHound, Line2, Omnifocus, PCalc

We’ve been keeping our eye out as more iOS 4 app updates keep hitting the App Store filled with multitasking, state saving, Retina Display-ing goodness.

Hit the jump to see some of the latest we’ve found!

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Line2 brings iPhone, iPad calls into 21st century - TiPb at WWDC 2010

Peter Sisson, founder and CEO of Toktumi talks Line2, their premium, business-optimized calling solution for the iPhone and iPad (with optimized iPad UI coming soon). While many forms of communications have leapt forward in the digital age, our telcos have been content to keep telephony in the relative dark ages. Line2 is one of several services hoping to pull them kicking and screaming forward, with both cell and VoIP based solutions.

Currently you can conference call over VoIP -- which is really nice on an iPad -- with full call waiting and real SMS functionality. With iOS 4 VoIP will work in the background meaning apps like Line2 could just be first-class telephone solutions (and strangely carriers don't seem to be as afraid of this as they used to be).

Line2 competes with free-as-in-Google voice by offering a more user-centric app, with lots of features and a focus on customer care. They're US/Canada only at the moment but will be expanding into the top 7 international iPhone markets soon and especially for business users, they think their offer will be compelling. (Enough that Peter suggests a MiFi rather than device data plan might just be the way to go forward...)

Check out the video interview after the break!

[Line2 on iTunes]

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Line2 iPhone VoIP App Hits App Store -- Sort Of

Line2 is new VoIP app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to make calls on your iPhone over your 3G data connection while avoiding using up your ever important voice minutes. The app itself will cost you $1 but unlike Google Voice or Skype there is a $15 per month fee (after the initial free 30 day trial) but most of you will find that you do get your money's worth with all of the following features.

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