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What Samsung's rise and Nokia's fall means for Apple and the iPhone

Industry research firm Gartner just released its latest data on mobile phone sales for the first quarter of 2012. There are some interesting points to be pulled out of this report that I wanted to address.

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Canalys recognizes iPads as PCs, boosts Apple to #3

While others keep iPad ghettoized as a "media tablet" analyst firm Canalys is boldly classifying it as just another PC form factor and in so doing, shooting Apple up to #3 on the worldwide marketshare chart behind HP and Acer but ahead of Dell and Lenovo.

Canalys urges vendors to accept new market realities, by recognizing pads as an integral new component of the overall PC landscape. Unlike other analyst companies, Canalys incorporates pad shipments, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad, in its total PC market report.

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Apple Passes RIM to Become No. 4 Global Mobile Phone Vendor

The IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker claims that Apple's record Q3 this year was exactly what it needed to bypass RIM and take over the fourth spot on their list of global mobile phone vendors. Apple is currently still behind, Nokia, Samsung and LG according to a report from Business Wire. Apple has been a dominant force in mobile phones since the introduction of the original iPhone 3 years ago but has never been able to sneak into the top 5 list of global mobile phone vendors. Their arrival into the top 5 knocked out Sony Ericsson devices the first time since IDC started this survey back in 2004.

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So which Android device out-sold iPhone?

Once again the internet is flooded with catchy headlines that Android outsold iPhone for the first half of 2010. And why not, that's a great headline. But it's also -- to quote the Simpsons -- unpossible.

Which Android device out sold iPhone? No, not the one with the GBs. Android is an OS, not a device. iPhone is a device, not an OS. Android is also not sold, it's given away by Google for free. Android devices are what's sold.

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iPhone and iPad by the numbers

During the WWDC 2010 keynote today, Steve jobs did his usual bragging announcement of the numbers for devices sold, apps downloaded, percent market share, etc.

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iPhone US Marketshare Hits 30%, Tops Most Wanted, Huge Lead in Customer Satisfaction

Apple's iPhone has hit 30% marketshare in the US, according to ChangeWave. When laying out the current players, 4,225 consumers were surveyed, 39% of whom owned smartphones, and of those the top 3 answers were RIM's Blackberry down ever-so-slightly to 40%, the iPhone up 5% to hit that 30% mark, and Palm steady at 7%. As sibling-site points out, Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian weren't even included on the chart (does that mean the percentages were too low and unchanged to graph, Changewave?)

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iPhone Marketshare: Will Apple Take the #1 Spot From RIM's Blackberry? - TiPb of the Iceberg

[Here's a bonus TiPb of the Iceberg for you this week, courtesy of the humongous news coming out of Apple's Quarterly Conference Call]

Tuesday's news that the iPhone has been selling well stupendously well, in case you weren't paying attention, was really big. It's tough to express how big. Some of the bullet points:

  • They exceeded their sales goal of 10 million iPhones in 2008 already, with the holiday season still ahead of them
  • They sold nearly 7 million iPhones in three months.
  • They sold more iPhones than RIM sold BlackBerrys (yes, that's the proper plural spelling)
  • Based on revenue from iPhones, Apple was the #3 cellphone maker last quarter, behind only Nokia and Samsung.
  • They achieved all this in 15 months.

Now, there are caveats to these numbers: there was pent-up demand for the iPhone 3G so these numbers almost surely won't hold; RIM's sales were depressed because of delays releasing the BlackBerry Bold. Don't let these caveats mislead you, though, what Apple did with the iPhone 3G in the past three months is unprecedented in the mobile industry, it was pretty much unprecedented in any industry.

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Uh Oh: iPhone Market Share Slips

After claiming 27% of US smartphone market share in the last quarter of 2007, the iPhone has slipped to 20% for the first quarter of 2008. Where have all the iPhone buyers gone? Apparently to RIM and Palm (why!) who saw their market share increase in the same period. For Palm, the gains can be credited to the rise in popularity of the Centro and for RIM, well no one doubts their powerhouse status around these parts.

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Google Sees 50 times more iPhone Searches

We've heard it before, Google has an iPhone fixation. Well it's looking like that fixation works both ways - apparently the earlier numbers we saw that said the iPhone was on the web more than any other mobile web browser were, how shall we say it? ....Ridiculously conservative.

Google sees 50 times more web searches from iPhones than they do from any other mobile browser:

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iPhone Marketshare Climbing Fast

We're looking at just over 6 months of sales and the iPhone is rocking the marketshare in the Smartphone category like you wouldn't believe. According to Canalys (whose numbers we've admittedly doubted before, but these results look pretty solid), the iPhone has reached 28% marketshare among Smartphones in the US and 7% worldwide. That puts it at #2 in the US and #3 worldwide. They're even ahead of Motorola.

Also, the iPhone is beating the pants off of the PalmOS (down to 9%) and also Windows Mobile (21%) in the United States. The only question left is whether or not Apple can gain on RIM's imposing 41% share. That will require converting a lot of business users.

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