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The biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end it seems fitting to reflect back on the events that molded and shaped it, and in iMore's case, that means the biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of the year. So, we cracked open the analytics, sorted by popularity, and compiled a list of the your top 5 favorite stories.

Interestingly, and awesomely, they were all stories iMore broke or helped break. Not all of them panned out exactly as we heard they would, but it looks like the broad strokes were all there. From the dates of events and launches to the designs and looks of the devices themselves, we gave you exactly what you wanted to read and share, and wow did you read and share it.

So here they are, your favorite news stories of 2012!

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New to TiPb: Disqus comments, Google search, and +1

TiPb nation, we're in the process of rolling out some updates to the site that we're really excited about, including Disqus comments, Google search, and +1 buttons.

  • Disqus is commenting system that offers a lot more options than our previous, built in version. You can login with a Disqus account if you have one, but also with Facebook, Twitter, and other logins you may already have later. It also gives us better moderation controls so hopefully it will cut down on the spam... and the trolls!

  • Google search is just much better than what we had before. The old search was chronological so you got the last post about a certain term, not the best, most relevant one. It will also let you search across the blog, forum, and store (or choose to filter based on just one of those if you prefer.) Now all the Google power is yours on TiPb.

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Smartphone Experts is Looking for a Developer!

Got mad developer skills and a deep, enabling love for smartphones and their communities? Well, Smartphone Experts, the network behind and many of your other favorites like,, and a host of others, is looking for YOU!

For more info, check out Dieter's post in the forums.

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