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Microsoft Translator for iPhone can now translate text from saved images

The Microsoft Translator app for the iPhone has been updated, adding an image translation feature. It allows iPhone owners to translate text found on a photo in an iPhone's camera roll on in its saved pictures.

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Skype for iPhone update brings video saving feature and Valentine's Day hearts

Microsoft has updated Skype for the iPhone with a few new features, including a way to save received videos to the phone's Photos file, along with some special hearts emoji for Valentine's Day.

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Microsoft's latest iPhone app, Fetch!, is literally for the dogs

Microsoft has released a new iPhone app from its Garage division called Fetch! Using the company's Project Oxford tools, it is designed to idetify the breed of a dog from its picture, It will even try to figure out which breed of dog might be contained in a human image

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Microsoft's News Pro app combines Bing News and social media to serve up your headlines

News Pro is a new iPhone app from Microsoft that takes on Apple's own News app by using Bing News to compile stories you're interested in.

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Microsoft's iPhone keyboard reportedly includes a one-handed interface

A new report claims that Microsoft's beta for its upcoming Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone will include a new one-handed fan-based interface. Such a UI is not included in the Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile version of the keyboard.

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Outlook for iPhone and iPad adds Skype integration

Microsoft has released an update to its Outlook email client for iPhone and iPad users. The biggest new feature is that users can turn any meeting into a Skype call when creating or editing an event.

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Microsoft adds iPad Pro support to its OneDrive iOS app

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive iOS app, adding support for the large iPad Pro tablet to its cloud storage app. It also contains some improvements for manual uploads of photos among its other changes.

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Cortana for iPhone gets improvements for reminders in latest update

Microsoft has updated the recently released version of its Cortana digital assistant for the iPhone. The new 1.3.5 version includes some improvements for the app's reminder features, among other changes.

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Microsoft's latest iPhone app makes your selfies better with one just one tap

Microsoft has launched a new iPhone app called simply Microsoft Selfie. It's been created to help people take selfie photos and make them better with just one click with a variety of variables like skin tone, lighting and more taken into account automatically.

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OneDrive for iPhone and iPad adds offline file support and Spotlight Search for iOS 9

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive app for the iPhone and iPad. The new version allows users of the company's cloud storage service to keep files while they are offline, along with Spotlight Search support for iOS 9 users.

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