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Mobile Web

iOS claims 65% of mobile web, Android 20%

iOS users are the most active on the web, claiming 65.27% of the total market share compared to Android, in distant second with 19.73%, and Java ME further behind still with 10.22%. BlackBerry trailed with 1.87%, though even a year ago it was only around 3%. Google still rocks the mobile search engine chart, accounting for 91% of all searches from a tablet or smartphone. Out of all web traffic monitored, mobile account for 8.2% of activity, which is up from around 6% last year. All of this, according to metrics company NetMarketShare's most recent web analytics survey.

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Apple's iPhone Ranked #1 in Mobile Web in Americas and Europe

AdMob released its latest report and it states the iPhone is the leading smartphone not only in the Americas, but in Europe as well. This news should really come to no surprise to any of our readers, and it's not the first signs of Apple's dominance in the smartphone world as we've reported its U.S. success of mobile web traffic previously. As you can see, the iPhone is annihilating the competition regarding mobile traffic in some major markets.


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iPhone has a commanding lead in mobile Internet traffic

What a great start to 2009! Net Applications (a leader in tracking website applications) has just released their monthly survey for January 2009. The news? The iPhone accounts for 0.48% of all Internet traffic! This is amazing considering that the Mac has 9.93%. Compared to one month ago, the iPhone''s share of Internet traffic has grown by 9.09%.

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British Invasion: iPhone to Surpass Nokia as Dominant Mobile Browser in UK

Blimey! Hey, Bert - you see this news on the telly today? Yeah, tarts. It says ere that iPhone is kicking Nokia's bum something awful in the browser business - a real flogging as it were. Some blokes at a firm called StatCounter is sayin it'll overtake Nokia soon in mobile web share, and you know how the Finns are about losing.

Remember what they did when they lost the world cup soccer championship? Helsinki burned to the ground, it did. Bloody business that was. God save Safari.

ReadVia TUAW

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Flash Player Too Slow for iPhone, Says Some Guy

Avi Greengart, Research Director for market research firm Current Analysis, says Adobe's Flash player performs poorly on iPhone, in its current incarnation, proving more trouble than it's worth.

“There is no question the iPhone delivers a compelling Web experience and there are good reasons to want Flash in there, but Flash Lite wouldn’t give you the Web experience you’re looking for."

The jixt of this statement, as we've known for some time, is that Adobe's Flash Lite player comes with a high resource overhead, taxing the processor as well as battery life. Or so Apple claims. Forces are at work behind the scenes to develop a more optimized solution to bring native Flash content to iPhone users.

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iPhone Will Kill WAP, Says PC Mag

Jamie Lendino of PC Mag logs his thoughts on how iPhone might be the catalyst that brings about the demise of what we know as the "Mobile internet". I thought WAP was already dead? Not dead perhaps, but its zombified corpse crawls upon the ground, with flies and maggots feeding upon its rotting flesh.

The assertion in this story is that, unlike browsers found on Smartphones and feature phones, Safari renders real webpages like the desktop browser that it is, not the pipsqueak micro webpages you get on those other devices. Ergo, iPhone makes all that irrelevant.

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Zimbra Offers iPhone Support via iZimbra

Zimbra has announced mobile account access to iPhone users via it's new web service front-end called iZimbra. Zimbra, for those of you unfamiliar with the product, is an open source messaging and collaboration solution that is what one might describe as a Microsoft Exchange clone, offering the same functionality and collaboration exchange as Microsoft's proprietary corporate communication suite.

What iZimbra does is basically bring something very similar to OWA (Outlook Web Access) formatted to iPhones's mobile browser.

I've always been very curious about Zimbra and it looks extremely promising. I subscribe to a hosted Exchange account, so iZimbra is something I would find very compelling and usable were I hooked to Zimbra account.

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iPhone to Support Flash?

What's this? iPhone supports Flash plugin? Just think of the possibilities! This means we'll be able to watch xTube YouTube video right our iPhone. Or not. Keep a close eye on this story because it is completely unconfirmed by anything other than a product shot used in a TV ad.

Still, since iPhone is running OSX under the hood it's totally conceivable that Flash is supported. We'll see.

Via Engadget Mobile

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