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Omni Group developer talks about his struggle with anxiety

Omni Group's Curt Clifton talks about his personal struggle with anxiety and how, as a developer, he's dealt with the condition.

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OmniOutliner 4 arrives on the Mac with a new look and much more

The Omni Group has released OmniOutliner 4, the latest version of their popular outlining software for Mac. The app's new architecture also comes along with several major new features, including a completely revamped user interface.

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Wil Shipley on NeXT, Omni Group, Delicious Monster, and Git as a file system

Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster talks to Guy and Rene about coding on NeXT, forming the Omni Group, dealing with the "Air Force", making Delicious Library, and what he's working on now. Here's the audio again in case you missed it, and below, for the first time, is the complete transcript.


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Omni Group offers Mac App Store customers upgrade pricing on their future releases

There is no out-and-out upgrade pricing model as such for the Mac App Store – it's something we've talked at length about before – but Omni Group has come up with a simple method to offer their customers the chance for cut-price software upgrades. OmniKeyMaster is a free app available from their website, that searches for Mac App Store licences of their products and creates an equivalent license for their own web store.

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Debug 19: Wil Shipley from NeXT to Delicious Monster

Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster talks to Guy and Rene about coding on NeXT, forming the Omni Group, dealing with the "Air Force", making Delicious Library, and what he's working on now.

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Omni announces their productivity app plans for 2013

Omni Group, one of the first major Mac developers to go all-in on the iPad, has posted their plans for the first quarter of 2013. CEO Ken Case elaborated on all of it on the Omni Group Blog:

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Quick Review: OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad [$14.99- iTunes Link] is one of Omni Group's latest editions to the iPad. Like the Mac app of the same name, it's a quick and easy graphing or plotting tool that allows for realtime creation of charts and graphs. And on the iPad, it's all done with multitouch.

You can plot out your own data points and format them any way you want. You can change color, axis points, size, shape, arrows... you get the idea. You can even copy and paste data from a multicolumn document such as Excel or Numbers and create a simple graph quickly.

I found this app to be useful in meetings or anywhere, really, that you need to illustrate some sort of graph (see the YouTube video at the end of this post to get an idea). If you already use iPad, then this is a great arsenal to have for any sort of data analyst, manager or sales person. Show up at a customer site with a busy spreadsheet? Does the customer look confused? You can very quickly plot out a graph to show them why their sales may be down or up.

Finally, OmniGraphSketcher allows you to read OmniSketcher files in email and allows you to export as a PDF via email or as an image to your Saved Photos album.

Overall I am impressed with OmniGraphSketcher. It eerily appears very similar to Apple's own iWork suite for iPad and you can see where the groundwork has begun to standardize these types of apps on iPad. I vote two thumbs up for OmniGraphSketcher.

Check after the break for a video and pictures!

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OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad (Macworld 2010) -- TiPb Apps #1.3

William Van Hecke, User Experience Lead at The Omni Group, talks to TiPb's Rene and Leanna about OmniFocus [$19.99 - iTunes link] for the iPhone, and their future plans for iPad. Recorded live at Macworld 2010.

Watch along after the break...

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iPad in Business -- Doctors Want it, Omni Group Gets it

While much of iPad presentation thus far has been focused on content consumption, Apple's iWork demo and the ability to run iPhone productivity apps -- and eventually iPad-specific apps -- as well as 1024x768 web apps means it's got a fighting chance in business, especially key verticals like medicine, and with developers like Omni Group.

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