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organizational apps

Doo brings all of your Internet docs into one place

The powerful document organizing app/service doo, which brings all of your documents from different services together, has launched on the iPhone. Doo for iPhone collects your chosen documents in one place and also works with various other services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and email accounts (along with doo's own cloud service, naturally).

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Notesuite for Mac and iPad on sale for those back to school days

Notesuite is a pretty fantastic productivity application for the iPad and the Mac, and now to 'celebrate' going back to school, both versions are enjoying pretty healthy price cuts. For the iPad you're now looking at an asking price of just $1.99, and for the Mac just $4.99, with regular pricing $4.99 and $9.99 respectively.

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NoteSuite organizes your digital life on iPad and Mac has released NoteSuite, a new integrated productivity app. It's the sequel to Projectbook, Theory's best-selling app from 2012. But NoteSuite takes the core idea of Projectbook and extends it much further - plus it adds support for OS X, so you can organize yourself from whatever machine you're working.

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Serial+ for iPhone review: Never lose track of warranty info or serial numbers again

If you own a lot of gadgets and software programs, and let's face it, most of us do, keeping tracking of warranty information and serial numbers can become overwhelming. Serial+ aims to solve that problem by bundling them all into one easy to use app complete with Dropbox sync, so no matter what happens, all your product information is safe.

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Inventory List for iPhone review: Manage your stuff simply and easily

Some of us have a tendency to accumulate a lot more possessions than others. Whether you own a business, have multiple properties, or just have lots of things to keep track of, Inventory List can help. Unlike profesional inventory apps, Inventory List lets you add things and track them in your own way through the use of storage banks and locations.

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Delicious Library 3 review: Catalog your life, share it with friends, and loan items out

Delicious Library allows you to categorize pretty much your entire life and keep a running inventory of virtually anything you own. This can include books, movies, music, games, gadgets, and more. With built-in Amazon support, you can find virtually anything to add to your library or just scan bar codes in order to add items. Friends that use Delicious Library can view your library and you can use it to track who you've loaned things to and when you'd like them back.

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