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Part Leaks

Purported iPhone 5S parts leaks show a steel gray/graphite color... or do they?

The photo above shows two button sets that most likely belong to the iPhone 5s. While the light gold color makes sense, the other middle set I wasn't so sure about. New part leaks this morning appear to show a lighter graphite - or steel gray to keep the metal theme going - colored housing for the iPhone 5s that just happens to match the buttons above. So, what does it mean?

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New iPhone 5S part leaks show potential fingerprint sensor component

This morning we were passed along some interesting photos containing more components that could belong to the iPhone 5s. Most notably, a revised Home button cable that ditches the traditional contacts and adds a different kind of attachment as well as a dock that could be slightly revised from the current iPhone 5 dock. The interesting part is the amount of pins on the connector for the Home button assembly. There seem to be ten pins total shown in the photo and from what we know about past models, there's no need for an iPhone Home button to have that many pins unless it's performing some other type of function current iterations aren't capable of.

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Analyzing - and sorting - purported iPhone 5S and less expensive iPhone parts

So far we've seen several purported part leaks for both the iPhone 5s - or whatever Apple calls the 2013 generation iPhone - and the heavily rumored less expensive iPhone model. Riki Baker over at mendmyi managed to get his hands on one of the supposed "budget" iPhone housings and found that certain components previously assumed to be for the iPhone 5s might actually belong to a "budget" iPhone instead. Here's why:

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Plastic iPhone shell shows up again, goes side by side with current products

The alleged low-cost, plastic iPhone continues to be a thing, and well known YouTuber DetroitBORG has managed to obtain one of the shells we've seen so many leaked images of already. While it is only the shell, DetroitBORG – otherwise known as Michael Kukielka – compares it to the iPod touch, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 3GS.

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iPhone 5S component leaks show updated vibrator assembly and more

Some parts have been posted online that purport to belong to the iPhone 5s, or whatever Apple calls their next generation phone. While the iPhone 5 might continue the tradition of keeping the previous year's form factor, that doesn't mean the internals can't change. If these parts are genuine, they show updates to the vibrator assembly, earpiece and speaker brackets, and more. Here's the image from BGR:

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Purported photos suface of less expensive iPhone plastic backing

The less expensive iPhone has been rumored for a long time -- a way for Apple to cater to emerging markets and entry-level, off-contract customers -- but so far it's remained little more than a myth. Today, case manufacturer Tactus claims to have an image of the rear casing for just that device.

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Photo shows rear casing of the iPad mini, most likely an earlier prototype

New photo leaks show what could possibly be the rear casing for the upcoming iPad mini that is rumored to make an appearance sometime this fall. The photos show a casing simliar to what we see now on the iPad 2 and the new iPad except for a smaller form factor and a few changes.

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Purported iPhone 5 part leaks show off Apple A6 chipset

The most recent in a slew of part leaks in regards to the iPhone 5 shows two views of logic board including one with the shields removed. The most interesting feature is that you can make out what appears to be an A6 designation.

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More next gen iPhone part leaks show revised Home button and possible NFC chip

Even more next generation iPhone part leaks are copping up that appear to show a revised Home button enclosure that could possibly solve some of the hardware issues iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S owners already encounter. Even more intriguing is the appearance of a new component that could turn out to be an NFC chip.

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New, miniature iPhone and iPad Dock connector cable possibly caught on camera

Veister, a company specializing in USB cables, has posted a photo to their Twitter account of what could be the sync cable for the next generation of iOS devices and revised versions of current products that will work in conjunction with the much expected micro dock connector.

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