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parts leaks

Next generation iPad, iPad mini casings caught on video

Way back in January iMore mocked up the iPad 5 for you, which essentially looked like the same 9.7-inch screen in a much, much svelter iPad mini-like body. We've seen various parts leak out since then, lending credence to what we'd heard, and here's another video showing off what's alleged to be just that again, alongside the next generation iPad mini, which they claim or assume will be Retina. Unbox Therapy on YouTube:

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Shots of supposed iPad mini display leak

Pictures of what are supposed to be the display of the unannounced iPad mini have surfaced recently. The dimensions measure 162 mm x 124 mm, which works out to the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the full-sized iPad. 

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Purported iPad mini parts caught on camera

With the iPad mini still set for unveiling this month, part leaks are likely to happen. Apple seems better able to guard against new products slipping out than updates, but the supply chain is big and long and there's just too many companies and people involved to keep everything behind locked vaults anymore.

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Alleged iPhone 5 assembly compared to iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS in pictures

If you had a bunch of purported 2012 iPhone 5 parts lying around, wouldn't you want to slap them together and line them up, Usual Suspects style, beside a 2011 iPhone 4S (with color modifications) and a 2009 iPhone 3GS? That way you could see who was the tallest, who was the thinnest, and who absolutely had the most metal on its back plate.

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Purported iPhone 5 part leaks assemble again, pose for video

Apparently, pictures of supposed new iPhone parts assembled together weren't enough, because now a similar constructicon-style merge-to-form has been done on video and we get a look at what the leaks look like being held and spun around. This time it's Macotakara who're providing the purported preview.

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