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Push Notification

How do you use push notification on your iPhone?

How do you use push notification on your iPhone? Apple released the push notification service as part of iPhone 3.0 and since then iPhone and iPod touch (and now iPad) users have been able to get everything from social network updates (Instant Messages (IM), Twitter tweets, Facebook statues) to game challenges to deal notices to.. just about anything you can imagine.

Some users are forgoing SMS for push notifications to save on texting costs. Others like RSS feeds, or breaking news on certain topics pushed right to them. There are even apps who only provide push notifications for other apps!

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Having trouble with push notifications on iPad? Tell us which app!

We're getting a lot of reports from people who say they aren't getting push notifications for their iPad apps, and we're having similar problems ourselves. From productivity to games, there doesn't seem to be a pattern yet other than "not-working".

Are you having problems with push notifications on your iPad? If so, tell us which apps aren't working for you. And if you are getting notifications, tell us about that as well.

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Orbit Social Phonebook for iPhone Hands-on -- TiPb @ CES 2010

Orbit aims to do for your iPhone what Syngergy does for Palm's webOS -- aggregate all your contacts and their status -- but with an equal and opposite focus on notification management.

So, not only can you link together your friend's contact info along with their Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can group them into various "orbits" (and each contact can be in more than one "orbit"), create all manner of filters, and raise or lower the "volume" of notification you receive.

So, you can set the volume of your raging editor in chief to "high" and your in-laws to "low".

TiPb has discussed this before -- after the rush to Push Notification, we have devices pinging and poping at us all the time and that can become as useless as no notifications.

Orbit [Free -- iTunes link] has just gone live in the App Store, check it out. Video after the break!

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Boxcar 2.2 Push Notifications for iPhone Hits 2.2

Boxcar just let us know Boxcar 2.2 [Free/in-app purchases - iTunes link] has been served up piping hot to the iPhone (and iPod touch) App Store. Here are some highlights:

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Quick App Update: PushMail 2.0 Email Push Notification for iPhone

PushMail [$2.99 - iTunes link] has just gone 2.0. For those unfamiliar with PushMail, its a middleapp that creates an account for you to forward email, and when it's alerted to that new email, it sends out a push notification to your iPhone. New features this time around include:

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Quick App Update: Boxcar 2.0 Push Notification for Twitter, Facebook, and Email -- Via In-App Purchase

Boxcar [$2.99 + In-App Purchases - iTunes link], a push-enabler for iPhone and iPod touch originally launched with support for a couple of Twitter clients. Then it added a bunch more. As several Twitter clients now offer support for push themselves, what's Boxcar to do for a 2.0 encore? Add Facebook and Email push, of course, as well as Twitter Search and Twitter Trends.

Okay, sure, some major Twitter clients like Tweetie and Twitterrific still haven't added push support, so if they're your go-to apps, Boxcar may still be a go-to middleapp. Likewise, while Google supports Gmail now via GoogleSync, Exchange users can't hand over their only ActiveSync slot, so email push-enablers still have their place. Lastly -- and it's a big lastly, while Facebook 3.0 for iPhone just launched, it did so without push support, and so if you don't want to wait for 3.1 to get your push on, well, here's your middleapp for that as well.

But... it comes with a price. The $2.99 app price comes with one service built in. If you want to add another, like Facebook, you need to make an additional $0.99 in-app purchase. Email, that's another $0.99. Twitter Trends and Twitter Search likewise. And since you can have multiple Twitter, Email, Twitter Search, etc. set up, you can go from that base $2.99 to $4.99, even $9.99 or more. Basically, you pay for what's valuable to you. If you're working customer service and being push-alerted when your company (or your competitor!) and the word "problem" hits Twitter, $0.99 is a steal. If you don't care about trends or searches, or Facebook for that matter, you get a cheaper entry price for the app.

So, whether this particular app is worth it to you, and whether or not the in-app purchase upgrades are worth it to you, we're liking options and being able to choose -- and pay for -- only what we find of value.

So, if you need push now and you decide to try Boxcar 2.0 out, let us know how it works for you, and what you think of the pricing model!

More screen shots after the break...

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i.TV 2.0 Intros Push Notification, iTunes Download, and "Remote Control Framework" for iPhone

i.TV just let TiPb know they've submitted version 2.0 of their popular iPhone and iPod touch app to the iTunes App Store. What's in store for us this time out?

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Quick App: BargainBin App Store Price Watcher with Push Notification

BargainBin [Free - iTunes link] keeps an eye on App Store apps and lets you know about sales and price drops. So, if there's an app out there you're waiting to try, but are watching your budget, this might be a way to keep track of any discounts coming your way. With push notification, you'll also know quickly when to pounce on the right deal.

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UPDATED: Quick App: GPush iPhone Push Notifications for Gmail

UPDATE 2: GPush's developers posted in the comments with the following info:

On Saturday August 8, 2009 GPush made it into the App store. We are currently experiencing a server issue and have temporarily pulled the app from the store while we work on the problem. This is an issue with our servers not the application and we will not need to go through the approval process again. If you have already downloaded the application, please know we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

UPDATE: According to the developers on Twitter:

GPush made it to the App Store, we are aware of a server issue & we temporarily pulled the App off the store while we work on the servers

ORIGINAL: GPush [$0.99 - iTunes link] provides a work-around for Gmail push notifications for iPhone 3.0 users. GPush is not an email client in its own right; it serves only to notify a user via sound/vibrate, text alert pop-up, and/or numerical badge, but the user still has to manually launch the iPhone's built-in Mail app to actually download and interact with the email.

We've only had a chance to try it very briefly, but it worked well, notifying us incoming GMail messages very quickly. Job. Done.

Unlike Boxcar, for example, which provides similar intermediary push notification for Twitter clients, GPush doesn't have the option to automatically launch Mail when you get an alert (only an "okay" button, not a "view" button). We also couldn't get it to work with Google Accounts, the paid version of Gmail that uses custom domain names. (GPush makes no mention of Google Accounts support, but if it occurred to us to try it, we figured it would occur to readers as well).

Lastly, GPush keeps asking to know our location. Why does it need that information? (Update: per the developes

All in all, GPush does exactly what it claims to -- it provides near instant notification for Gmail for iPhone users. Until Google adds Gmail to Google Sync, or Apple and Google get off their duffs and build IMAP IDLE into the Mail App proper, if you want "push" Gmail on your iPhone, check out GPush and let us know what you think.

More pics after the break!

[Thanks John-Fox for the tip!]

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