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iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Supports Full Apple Headset Remote Features

iPhone 3G S comes with typical shiny white Apple headset buds, but for the first time these earbuds sport the new "remote", which includes volume controls and more.

Apple previously introduced iin-ear headsets with remote and mic for the second generation iPod touch (and aluminum MacBooks) in September 2008, but clearly labeled them as not-compatible with the iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G because the "remote" part was useless.

What a different a generation makes.

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The Future is Now: DSLR Remote for iPhone

How About the iPhone as Controller for Apple TV Gaming Console?

Hot on the heels of the premium "App Store Plus" (TM Erica Sadun) $19.99 rumor we helped propogate yesterday, in his (its?) weekly column, the Macalope pulls a follow-up rumor out of his rear port (actually makes it up on the spot) for a concept that's actually pretty darn intriguing:

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Review: Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

I've never found a good compact headset. The default Apple ear buds that ship with the iPhone (and every iPod) just don't stay in my (must be mutant) ears. Likewise every other earbud I've tried had fallen out in the matter of seconds. Even the ones with over-ear hooks flop to the sides with annoying consistency. And Apple's original in-ear headset? Didn't quite fit in my ears so I gave them to my sister.

So it was with great and possible anticipointment that I decided to brave this world again and hope beyond hope that not only would Apple's new In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic work well and be convenient, but that it would work at all.

Did it? Find out after the break!

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Macworld 2009 Keynote Photos

You saw the epic liveblog, now see the photos.

We have the deets in photo on the new 17" MacBook with the ridiculously large 8 hours of battery life, the fact that iTunes is going 100% DRM-Free, the new iLife with GarageBand Music Lessons, iMovie's stunning upgrades, and iPhoto's geo-tagging and face-recognition, and also the new iWork with Keynote -- which now has an iPhone-based remote for switching slides and reading your notes.

Um, yeah, this was a huge Macworld for Mac people -- and the iTunes DRM news and the Keynote news were incredibly great upgrades for iPhone owners.

Makes you weep that Apple will never go to a Macworld again, don't it?

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Apple's New In-Ear Headphones to Begin Shipping Soon

It looks like Apple's new in-ear headset will begin shipping any day now, according to what Macrumors is reporting. Yesterday Apple end-of-life'd the old headphones which simply means they will no longer be shipping them to resellers and when that happens, it generally means the new product is on it's way.

In case you missed the announcement of these new headphones, here's the deal:


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App vs. App: Air Mouse and Snatch

[This is an iPhone blog App vs. App review! Last week, we ran our Shazam vs. Midomi showdown, with Midomi scoring the win. But which commenter won an iTunes gift certificate? Congratulations Patrick! Want your chance to win the winning app this week? Comment below!]

Ever used a laser pointer? Ever used a wireless mouse? Ever wish you could have both in one and more? Well, there are some apps on the iPhone that allow you to do just that! These devices work great! They turn the iPhone into a remote mouse with a virtual touch pad. You use your finger to control the mouse; left-click, right-click, scroll, it makes no difference! You can even create macros to automate launching applications! Let's take a look at two of these apps: Air Mouse [iTunes Link] and Snatch [iTunes Link]

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Sonos for your iPhone

Before you get excited, I realize that not all of you know what Sonos is. Sonos is a way to control all of the music in your home (including Internet radio such as Pandora and Last FM), room by room. 

Needless to say, the announcement from Sonos that you can now control all of this via your iPhone is really exciting! I personally don't use Sonos, but I have a friend that does, and he filled me on on the scoop...

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AT&T Planning to Make iPhone Work With U-Verse

AT&T has high hopes for their U-Verse service, which is AT&T's fancy term for their high speed internet, TV, and voice telephone package. It all works over the Internet and some believe that this is the direction that television is headed. So how does the iPhone fit into all this?

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iTunes Uses Bonjour to Announce Itself to Apple Remotes

This will come as a surprise to precisely no-one, but it looks like iTunes announces itself over Bonjour when you turn on "Look for iPhone and iPod Touch remotes" under the advanced preferences. Above are my iTunes Remote details that popped up in Bonjour Browser after I clicked the iTunes' check box.

Sadly, there are no remotes to read the signal just now, but it does seem likely that some enterprising hackers may someday be able to use this info to hack together iTunes remotes for other platforms besides iPhone 2.0. Because, you know, there are still going to be people out there that don't use the iPhone. :D

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