Best remotes for Apple TV in 2024

All Apple TVs come with the Siri Remote, and while it's a great option, some people just don't like using it. Others may want a remote with more options and buttons or have specific preferences related to their interests, like gaming. 

Luckily for you, there are other options if you feel like you want a better experience from your remote. Whether you hate the Siri Remote, lost your old one, or are just scouting out the market, these are the best Apple TV remotes you can buy.

Our guide is split into categories to make it easier for you to make a decision based on your needs, starting with the best overall, which is perhaps unsurprisingly Apple's own Siri remote, now in its third iteration and better than ever. 

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How to control your Apple TV with the touch of a button

Note that the new Apple TV 4K comes with a USB-C remote. It features a dedicated Siri button – just like iPhone. Siri can accommodate voice recognition for up to six family members to let Apple TV 4K know who’s talking and reply with recommendations personalized just for them based off what they’ve watched.

Need to check the news, sports, weather, or anything else that can’t wait — the new Siri remote has you covered there as well, with the simple click of a button. You can also keep track of all your connected smart home accessories in the Control Center, so you never miss a beat while you’re catching up on your favorite movies and shows.

If you like using the original Apple Siri remote, then, by all means, stick with it. Or if you need to replace it, both of the updated Siri Remotes are easy to navigate and work with Siri voice control. These are the best Apple TV remotes for most people.

If you want something great for gaming, try the SteelSeries Nimbus +. It's an excellent controller that allows you to quickly tap and flawlessly connect to all of your best Apple devices, including your Apple TV. It comes with free four months of Apple Arcade too, if you have yet to try out the service.

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