Here is your first look at the new Apple TV remote [Update]

Apple Tv Remote 9to5mac
Apple Tv Remote 9to5mac (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

What you need to know

  • 9to5Mac has obtained an image of the new remote for Apple TV.
  • The new remote abandons the current design for a more traditional layout.

Update, March 31, 2021 (6:10 pm ET): 9to5Mac has backtracked their story, now saying that the image is of an alternative remote created with Universal Electronics for cable services.

We finally have a look at the new remote for Apple TV.

Obtained by 9to5Mac, the new remote is a big departure from the current Siri Remote, forgoing the touch surface and taking on a more traditional design with buttons galore. Whereas the old remote used the touch surface to accomplish most of its actions, the new remote has added a ton of buttons to make navigation and control much easier to understand.

It is currently unclear if Apple will discontinue the current Siri Remote in favor of this one or if customers will have the option to choose which one they want to use.

This image lines up with a report from earlier today that makes reference to the new remote.

Steve Moser, while digging through the code of the newly released tvOS 14.5 beta 6, noticed that Apple now makes reference to a "center button" on the Apple TV remote, which the current Siri Remote does not have.

"More evidence of a new Apple TV remote in tvOS 15.4 beta 6? During setup it asks the user to "Press the center button or the touch surface to continue." There is no center button on the current Apple TV Siri Remote…"

While some have pointed out that the original Apple TV remote does have a center button, Moser makes a good point that it would be odd for Apple to update its code in order to bring clarity around a product that is almost a decade old.

"And for those saying the old silver remote has a center button: true but when has Apple updated text in their OS for a checks watch NINE year old product? 🤔😂"

Now that we have an image of the new remote, it appears that the earlier hints were right all along.

Update, March 31 (6:10 pm ET) — 9to5Mac has backtracked their story, now saying that the image is of an alternative remote created with Universal Electronics for cable services.

9to5Mac is now backtracking on their exclusive story after Sigmund Judge pointed out the design was a stunning resemblance to an alternative Apple TV remote developed for OEMs.

The oulet has updated their story to say that the remote is not a new Apple TV remote but the alternative one.

This appears to be an alternative Apple TV Remote that Apple worked with cable companies to make. As the report below explains, this remote was designed for cable companies, hence the Guide button. It may not be sold by Apple directly, but instead was designed in collaboration between Apple and cable companies. It is being distributed by Universal Electronics.

That remote was originally reported on back in November of 2020.

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