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What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new firmware update for the Siri Remote.
  • It's unclear exactly what the new update is for.

The new Siri Remote has just turned a channel to a new firmware update.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple has released firmware version 9M6772 for the new Siri Remote. The remote, which Apple released alongside the new Apple TV 4K, is made to work with both the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV HD.

Apple today released a new firmware update for the Siri Remote designed for the new Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD models. The new firmware has an internal version number of 9M6772, while the prior firmware version was 9M6336. Note that this is not the firmware version that you see in the Apple TV Remote settings.

While it is always nice to see a new firmware update come to an Apple product, the company does not traditionally say what comes in the update. So, it's currently unclear exactly what the new firmware update is for, besides the usual "bug fixes and performance improvements."

The Siri Remote, like AirPods, does not have a way to manually initiate a firmware update for the Siri Remote. The update usually happens overnight while the Apple TV is asleep. So, most likely, you won't even realize your remote has been updated and running on the latest version.

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If you did want to attempt to get the update manually, the best thing you could do is let your Apple TV go to sleep and don't touch your Siri Remote for a while.

The new Siri Remote fixes a lot of the issues that people had with the old remote, including the multitouch display and lack of buttons.

Apple Tv 4k Side

Apple TV 4K (2021)

Bottom line: The price tag and marginal upgrades are a big ask for current 4K TV customers, but the new Apple TV 4K (2021) is an excellent bit of kit.

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