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Zagat from Google launches for iPhone, discover cool nightlife and restaurants

While Google may taketh away with one hand, they giveth with the other, as is the case with the new Zagat application for iPhone. Zagat has been available on Android since late 2012, and provides a service to discover nightlife and restaurants in selected cities around the world. Picking up a little where the Google+ local app leaves a gap, Zagat's arrival on iOS means that at least a part of Google's local search services remains separate from their main bank of apps.

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iOS 6 preview: Siri reserves restaurants

As any good personal virtual assistant should, Siri on iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S has always been okay at finding you places to eat and drink. Now, with iOS 6, Siri is hitting the iPad, and adding even more restaurant savvy to its repertoire, including all the information you need to pick a place, and even the ability to reserve you a table.

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UK Pizzeria, PizzaExpress installing iPod/iPhone docks

PizzaExpress, a UK-based pizzeria, is adding iPod/iPhone docks into some of their seating areas as part of their “next-gen” restaurant upgrade.

PizzaExpress has started the roll out in their restaurant in Richmond, London. They call their new dining concept “Living Lab”, inviting the british public to try out all the new features before a full roll out nationwide.

Included in the line of the new features, are new ‘parabolic booths’, which are domes hung from the ceiling that deflect background noises, so not only can you enjoy a peaceful conversation, but you can play your iPod/iPhone music undisturbed, while not disturbing anyone else.

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