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UPDATED: Opera Mini on the iPhone Rumor Smasher: Not Denied, Not Even Submitted?!


The New York Times gets clarification from Opera (via Daring Fireball):

“We stopped the work because of the prohibitive license,” to Mr. von Tetzchner wrote in an e-mail.

Turns out it was an internal project.


So we, along with half the interwebs, picked up a paraphrased comment by Opera's president that pretty much indicated Apple had rejected popular mobile browser Opera Mini from the App Store.

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Rejection Redux: NDA May Not Be News

Daring Fireball's John Gruber, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the PodcasterGate's latest controversy, namely Apple reportedly slapping "NDA" (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on the rejection notices and discussion there off, confidentially polled developers and came to the following conclusion:

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Rumor Smashed: No Unlocked iPhone 3G in the US

Good news? Looks like there really is a new "Home" option for iPhone activation in the US. Bad news? Looks like it has nothing to do with the iPhone being sold unlocked. Apple Insider, who broke the rumor, updates as follows:

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Sadun Smash Puny App Store Beta Rumors

No, not the 2.1 firmware beta, that one's for realz. We're talking here about the Washington Post, which ran a Techcrunch story breaking the news that:

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iHulk Smash Puny 3G Settings Rumor!


Seems the strings to set 3G preferences exist in the code of iPhone 2.0 Beta 5, but the GUI screen that was rumored to surface it was a mock-up, a photoshop, a con-job, a bamboozle.

The process used to determine that the screen was less "shot" and more "not" is rather involved and -- quite frankly -- convoluted but the bottom line remains:

We're getting a 3G iPhone. That 3G iPhone will have settings. We, as yet, have no idea what form those settings will take.

Now bring on the next rumor!

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Intel Un-leaks: Smashes Puny iTablet Rumors! (Or Do They...?)

Confession: Yes, when one of these crazy AT&T or Intel rumors come up, I draft a rumor-smasher just as soon as I finish the post. Chalk it up to experience.

Case in point: yesterday we (and everyone else in the blogsphere) reported that Intel Germany Geschäftsführer Hannes Schwaderer done let slip word of an Atom-powered iTablet. Or done did he?

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AT&T Un-leaks: iPhone Black Taken Back?

AT&T giveth, and AT&T taketh away. Or so they say...

Hot on the heels of an apparent AT&T web glitch that everyone and their blogs assumed leaked something called the "iPhone Black", and some maybe corroboration from a UK accessory web store selling what looks like current gen stock under the "iPhone Black" label, reader Bad Ash points out that the Tilt (and maybe other handsets?) were also being listed as "Black", i.e. "Tilt Black".

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Gizmodo Smash... er... Doubt Puny 3G iPhone Pics Leak!

Real? Fake? Really fake? We don't know yet, but Gizmodo is joining the growing crowd of logo distorted, cheesy-photoshop artifact'ed, no way this thing got within 100 miles (how far is Redmond again?) of Jonathan Ive, doubters.

While the accessory makers may have struck them some gold on the specs-side, it's looking increasingly like our French compatriots were either duped, or helped consipire up some duping. Merde indeed:

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3G Rumor Smashers: Gruber on $200 iPhones

While the interwebs stroke themselves into a furor over rumors that AT&T might just subsidize the iPhone 3G down to $200, Daring Fireball's John Gruber once again asks that he be allowed to retort:

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