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iPhone Nano Rumors Will Never Die...

...Just multiply! So says MacRumors, gossiping this time about a UK report that has Apple launching an iPhone Nano just in time for the holidays. But is anyone buying what the DailyMail is cooking?

Nope. Not even on coupon night. Though MacRumors does state the more sensical:

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iPod Watch: Long Nano's, New Touches, and Multi-Colors, Oh My!

The iPhone might be the best iPod ever, but as Steve Jobs keeps saying, if no one else can compete with Apple, Apple will compete with itself. Witness a number of new iPod rumors that have just surfaced.

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5th Avenue Apple Store Closed: 3G iPhone Commercial?

24 hours. 7 days a week. 365 1/4 days a year.

That's how often the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City is open. Don't know which one I'm talking about? The big glass cube on the most expensive street in the world! This flagship store is perhaps the brightest jewel in Apple Retail, often hosting performances from the likes of Maroon 5 & Linkin Park and becoming a new landmark for tourists to visit in the city that never sleeps. It's open all day, everyday.

Well, if you don't count today.

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Phone different Podcast 19

This week Mike and Dieter discuss the continuing iPhone 3G drama -- could it be that Apple plans to just sell the thing unlocked and let carriers do what they will rebate-wise via iTunes?

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iPhone 3G casing spotted. Again. ...and again: Maybe.

Here we go again. The sheer number of iPhone 3G case leaks is getting to be embarrassing. The latest looks to be from a Chinese manufacturer of Griffin cases and all but confirms the "new" form factor: A more rounded back, slightly less beveled front, and perhaps more squarish corners.

Thinking back to our last iPhone 3G sighting, it occurs to me that we might still have not seen the final look of the device -- the white and black plastic we've been looking at has had an awfully chintzy feel. Since all these leaks are coming from case manufacturers, it's possible that:

  1. They created mockups of the basic iPhone 3G casing based on Apple's specs in order to better create cases or
  2. Apple sent out a bunch of "dummy phones" that match the shape of the iPhone 3G but do not match the look?

...more renderings after the break!

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iHulk Smash Puny 3G Settings Rumor!


Seems the strings to set 3G preferences exist in the code of iPhone 2.0 Beta 5, but the GUI screen that was rumored to surface it was a mock-up, a photoshop, a con-job, a bamboozle.

The process used to determine that the screen was less "shot" and more "not" is rather involved and -- quite frankly -- convoluted but the bottom line remains:

We're getting a 3G iPhone. That 3G iPhone will have settings. We, as yet, have no idea what form those settings will take.

Now bring on the next rumor!

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3G Rumors: iPhone in Canada Next Month With... Reasonable Rates?!

I'm not going to get off on another Rogers rant here. Suffice it to say, when it comes to Canadian telcos, I'm the rat who, having learned helplessness, now lies face down on the hot plate.

However, not content to let me lie there and wither in peace, now comes this report, determined to kick poor downed me with some hope:

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Adobe to Make Flash More Open, Apple to Care?

Confession: I'm suffering from extreme PFSD (Posting about Flash Stress Disorder). All this "will it" "won't it" "please don't let it" blog-pong has me cowering beneath my laptop. But I believe in facing my fears, real and absurd, so let's see what Ars Technica has to report:

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3G Rumors: iPhone 3G to be Smaller and Lighter?!

Apple Insider brings word that Taiwan Economic News's sources are claiming that:

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iHulk Smash Puny Rumors: 32GB iPhone, Australia, iTunes 8 (+ Laptops!)

No, that's not spring in the air, that's the rumor frenzy ramp-up to Apple's June World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), and here's the aptly titled MacRumors with a mother load:

A MacRumors reader ran across a very unusual .Mac web page yesterday and was kind enough to forward it on. The page contained promotional images for Apple products [...] including teasers for iTunes 8, a 32GB iPhone [in Australia!], and a WWDC launch date (June 10th).

Turns out, not so much. The images came courtesy of one of MacRumors own forum members (though MacRumors continues to maintain they were associated with a legit account).

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