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The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design

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Samsung has reportedly formed a dedicated team to build displays for Apple products

Samsung has reportedly created a team of around 200 employees to work exclusively on display technology for Apple products.

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For Samsung, turns out Karma's a 'bendgate'

"Bendgate" was last year's largely manufactured media crisis — you know, the negative attention grab that always seems to come up any time Apple launches a new iPhone.

Six months later and it's recognized now as the theater some of us saw it for back then. Indeed, my own iPhone 6 Plus, bought at launch day and kept in my front pocket almost constantly ever since, remains as flat and solid as a board. That didn't stop some of Apple's competitors from jumping on the hype in hopes of scoring some cheap attention of their own.

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Samsung once again reported to manufacture Apple's next-gen A9 processor

While there's still no official confirmation, Samsung is once again reported to be producing the A9 processor for the next iteration of the iPhone.

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How to switch from the Samsung Galaxy S to the iPhone 6

Samsung has released their new Galaxy S6 and if you're disappointed you waited, or tried it out and decided it wasn't for you, here's how to switch — or switch back to the iPhone.

The only constant with Samsung is change. Every year is feels like they try something different. That can make it both interesting and maddening for those already using one of the company's phones, or waiting to see what using one might be like. Take the all-new Samsung Galaxy S6 by way of example. It swaps out the plastic casing, replaceable battery, SD card slot, and water-proofing of last year's model for a metal chassis, and Touch ID- and Apple Pay-like features that seem right out of the iPhone's playbook. So, whether you feel like Samsung is no longer filling your needs, or if you're going to iPhone-like you might as well go iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus proper, here's what you need to know to switch — or switch back — to iPhone.

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If you want an iPhone but don't like Apple, here's your alternative...

Samsung has been at its most successful when filling voids in Apple's iPhone lineup: It offered Verizon support up until 2011, large screens up until 2014. What voids are left to fill now?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have to answer that question, starting with today's pre-order and carrying over to April 10's release date and beyond. It's an answer I'm truly interested in seeing, because right now I have no idea to whom I could recommend either of those phones.

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Why did you dump your Samsung Galaxy for an iPhone 6?

A lot of our readers who switched from Android to iPhone came from the super-popular Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. Were you one of them?

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Apple reportedly overtakes Samsung in Q4 2014 smartphone sales

Research firm Gartner claims that Apple sold 74.83 million smartphones worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2014, beating out Samsung which sold 73.03 million units.

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Samsung announces Galaxy S6 (the S is for Shameless)

One of my favorite Cordelia Chase quotes is — "Oh, please. Like shame is something to be proud of?"

It's so unapologetically brazen, so "success is it's own reward", that you just have to love it. The only thing is, you have to be successful for it to work. Samsung, with the brand new Galaxy S6 has once again shamelessly copied Apple designs, this time Apple's iPhone 6, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint registration interface, and the Apple Pay interface. Just as shamelessly, they ditched elements like user-replaceable batteries that they used in attack ads as recently as last July. Given their recent problems both in the market and within the company, they've obviously decided doubling down on shameless is just exactly what they need to do. The question now becomes — can they do it successfully?

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Samsung reportedly set to supply Apple with new memory chips

Samsung has entered into an agreement with Apple to supply the company with new 20nm LPDDR4 DRAM chips. The deal would see Samsung fulfill Apple's demand for memory chips for the next iPhone. According to the Korea Times report:

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