Can you use the Samsung Galaxy Buds with an iPhone?

Best answer: Actually, yes, you can. While you'll need an Android device to take advantage of features like automatic syncing and the quick pairing, you can use Galaxy Buds with an iPhone.

The Galaxy Buds will work with your iPhone, though some features are Android-only

Samsung says that the Galaxy Buds will work with iOS, though features like automatic sync and Ambient Aware Mode, which lets you control how much sound from the outside world you hear, are only available on Android. But while you won't be able to pop open the case and pair to your iPhone, the Galaxy Buds will still work like standard wireless earbuds, complete with support for Siri.

It won't be as painless as using AirPods, but at $30 under the AirPods asking price, the Galaxy Buds are still a compelling alternative to Apple's earphones, even for iPhone owners.

So just what are the Samsung Galaxy Buds, anyway?

Samsung's freshly-announced Galaxy Buds are clearly the company's answer to Apple's AirPods. Flipping open the Galaxy Buds' included charging case will see a card pop up on your nearby Android device. Tap "Pair", and the earbuds will quickly connect. You can switch the buds seamlessly between your Galaxy devices as needed.

If you're an AirPods owner, this should sound very familiar.

Samsung worked with AKG to create the Galaxy Buds in an effort to deliver excellent sound quality in a tiny package. The Galaxy Buds feature dual microphones to keep background noise at bay, meaning you'll always be able to hear whatever you're listening to, and that your voice should be clear during calls no matter your environment. The Galaxy Buds also have a feature that let you hear the world around you clearly without requiring you to remove the buds.

Finally, there's battery and charging. The Galaxy Buds feature up to six hours of audio playback, after which you can place them in the included charging case, the Cradle, to charge. The Cradle itself can be charged either via USB-C or Qi wireless charging.

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