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iPad 2 display emerges from China?

It looks like our good friends over at 9 To 5 Mac and iFixYouri have managed to get their hands on what might just be an iPad 2 display fresh from the assembly lines in China. According to them, the display is lighter as well as just over a 1 mm thinner than the current generation iPad display. The frame around the screen is also noticeably smaller as well.This seems to make sense as all of Apple's products have been getting smaller and thinner recently, and reducing the iPad's weight would be a huge plus.

The part number (LP097X02-SLN1) appears to be an LG Phillips 9.7in XGA 1024×768 H-IPS display, which is the same resolution as the current iPad. This matches up with theories that it's still too expensive to go to a 2x 2048x1536 Retina Display this year, and it's a non-starter for developers to go 1.5x or anything in between.

Check out some candid shots of both displays after the break and let us know -- would you be happy with this display in iPad 2?

[ 9 To 5 Mac ]

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iPhone 4 Retina Display ekes out victory over Android Super AMOLED

Apple's iPhone 4 IPS LCD Retina Display has pulled out a big win over Super AMOLED displays used in Samsung Galaxy S and other Android devices for best mobile display in existence today. This comes to us from


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7-inch iPad a reality by this Christmas?

IDG News has translated a Economic Daily News report that is claiming that we should expect a 7" iPad by Christmas of this year.


blockquote>"The Economic Daily reports that Taiwanese companies have won a number of component contracts for the iPad 2. Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD screens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, which improves viewing angles and color on LCD screens. Touchscreen technology for the screens will come from Cando Corporation, the report says."

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LG says they can't make enough iPad screens, Apple may need to delay launches

Once again it looks like Apple might get some heat for something that it doesn't control -- namely the supply of iPad screens which LG now warns are constrained to the point international roll-outs might need to be delayed.

Given how much Apple does on their own, we sometimes forget they're still at the mercy of other companies -- even competing companies -- when it comes to components, like LG for screens, and Samsung for chips.

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My iPhone 4 has a hairline scratch - from normal use

I have a hairline scratch on the screen of my iPhone 4 and I have no idea how it got there. I've had my iPhone for just over 24 hours and I'd like to think I've treated the little girl pretty well - it goes in my pocket, sure, but solo. I also have been using the bumper for most of the time. However, the bumper has been on and off and at some point I must have set it face down on a table with a bit of grit or something underneath there.

In other words, the phone has a small scratch from what I would definitely call normal use.

It's a tiny, hardly noticable scratch. With the screen on, it's invisible - but it's there and I can feel it. I've preordered the Case-Mate Clear Armor Screen Protector for iPhone 4 and am trying not to let the scratch on my shiny iPhone 4 become a scratch on my mind.

After the break, a slightly photoshopped version (just over-sharpened, really, to better show the hairline scratch.

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Apple iPhone 4 back glass can be scratched?

iFixit claimed the front display on Apple's new iPhone 4 was protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass, but Engadget's review unit is already showing scratches on the back side. Was it an earlier test unit not up to release unit standards? Is the Gorilla Glass only on the front and not the back? Is Gorilla Glass not as scratch resistant as we thought? Is it not really Gorilla Glass at all?

Engadget did get a little rough with their iPhone 4 review unit, but no doubt so will users. And the front seems to be holding up fine.

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4th Gen iPhone screen reportedly caught on camera

Phew! Here's some good old 4th generation iPhone (don't call it iPhone 4G!) rumors to help cleanse our iPad-swamped palettes. BGR links to a video from SmartphoneMedic of what they claim is the 4th gen iPhone screen assembly fresh off the spare parts line (or wherever such things come from).

Real, fake, or really fake -- check out the video after the break and let us know what you think!

[Thanks to @phufuung for the tip!]

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Rumored 4th Gen Apple iPhone Parts Show Little Design Change

Above is a image that is claimed to belong to the upcoming 4th generation iPhone, courtesy of iPhone repair Web site iResQ. As iResQ points out, there are a few interesting things that stand out in the photo.

  • "The LCD appears to be factory glued to the digitizer which is more similar to the first generation iPhones than the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The digitizer can be separated from the LCD on the 3G and 3GS models, which should be interesting to all, but for the repair folks like us–this means that the 4G screen repair price will be higher since both parts will have to be replaced at once."
  • "The iPhone 4G front panel seems to be about 1/4″ longer than its predecessors."
  • "There is an interesting reflective, mirror-like surface directly above the speaker. This is likely a spot for the proximity sensor. If that’s what is is, it’s in a different location than previous models."

Here at TiPb we are hoping for something more drastic in terms of design changes but based on these latest images it's hard to tell if the "A+" upgrade Steve Jobs promised will hold true. These images may turn out to be bogus or simply be scrapped before the final product is put together. We've seen it happen before with the matte backing.

We are willing to give Jobs the benefit of the doubt on his A+ upgrade for the time being, how about you?

One more image after the break!

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iPhone 3G S has Oleophobic Oil-Resistant Screen Coating

MacDailyNews (via Daring Fireball) discovered that Apple has indeed given the new iPhone 3G S a small bump in screen specs. No, not OLED or pixel density, but according to their iPhone Cleaning How To:

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Next Generation iPhone: Black Bezel, LCD Screen?, which sells iPhone parts reportedly directly from the factory, has thrown up some images and ordering options for 3rd generation iPhone bevels and screens.

If they're to be believed, the iPhone loses its silvery-chrome outer ring for a black band (as previously rumored?) that seems to indicate Apple will be moving things around a tad -- functionally as well as cosmetically?

Bad news for OLED hopefuls, as Gizmodo says the purported screen is still LCD, though iLounge points out it's price is double that of the 3G screen ($73 vs. $35). Hmm...

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, for the catch, and for the (translated) head's up!]

More pics after the break!

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