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Social Network

Path turns lasting memories into fleeting conversations

Originally billed as a private network for families and friends to share lasting memories, Path is now making a radical departure from that vision, transforming itself into an ephemeral messaging service. Rather than as an archive for family memories, Path's business model has changed to self-destructing messages that puts it in direct competition with services like Snapchat.

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Why Apple chose Twitter over Facebook

With the upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple will be fully integrating Twitter social sharing across all of their included apps, as well as extending a developer API for 3rd party apps available through the Mac App Store. This follows similar integration in iOS 5 last year and leaves one huge, lingering question: where's the Facebook integration?

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Facebook files for IPO, $1 billion in profit from $3.7 billion revenue, 845 million active users

Facebook has filed their IPO (initial public offering) registration and, in the process, revealed some rather astounding numbers related to users, revenues, and profit margins. Since Facebook is one of the most popular apps on iPhone and iPad, and a lot of those users are also iOS users, needless to say, they caught our attention.

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Google launches Orkut for iPhone

Google has officially launched its Orkut app for iPhone, letting users of Brazil and India's favorite social network access the service on-the-go.

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How to update your Twitter status from Siri on the iPhone 4S

Apple hasn't (yet?) added posting to Twitter to the tricks in Siri's bag, but if all you want to do is tweet out a quick status, you can add it yourself.

It's simple: Navigate to Twitter from Mobile Safari, jump into the mobile settings panel and make sure you have your mobile phone number setup with the service. Twitter will then spit out a number for you to text message Twitter updates to. For confirmation's sake, send a quick status update to the number to make sure the text is pushed to your Twitter timeline.

For more, see Clay Russel's write up below.

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Untappd releases iPhone check-in app for social drinking

Untappd, the "Foursquare for beer" social check-in service, has released their official iPhone app. You can now check-in to what beer you're drinking with the option of adding location information for sharing with friends on the network.

Previously limited to a webapp, the native app offers a number of welcomed features including Notifications and the ability to upload photos with your check-in. Get ready to drink socially...

Untappd is a new way to socially track, rate, & share with your friends what beers you're enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying them. You can see what beers are trending nearby and where you can find them. Untappd will also share recommendations based on your drinking preferences. Curious about a specific beer? See what other users are saying about it and add it to your wish list to make sure you remember to find it! As you explore more brews and locations, you will uncover a variety of badges.

  • Track & rate what beers you have and share them with your friends
  • Upload a photo of the beer your having and sharing it with your friends.
  • Notifications of your friends comments and toasts
  • Geolocation enabled so you can tag your location & see whatโ€™s trending nearby
  • Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare & Gowalla integration for social sharing
  • Toast and comment on your friends beers
  • Earn a wide variety of badges
  • See what beers are trending nearby and where to find them

Untappd is available for the iPhone and iPod touch for free.

App Store Link

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Common Twitter, Facebook, and social network terms

Reading up on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV and wondering what all those social networking terms are? From follower to friend, RT to like, we've got you -- and every term we can think of -- covered below!

For even more iOS and Apple-related terms see our complete iPhone and iPad glossary and our guide to common Internet, SMS Text, and iMessage slang. And as always, if we're missing anything, add additions and corrections in the comments below!

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GetGlue for iPhone/iPad - app review

GetGlue for iPhone and iPad [iTunes Link] are social networking sites where you can let your friends know what you're watching, reading, playing, or thinking about.ย  Similar to FourSquare and Gowalla, you check in to show your friends what you're up to.ย  You can also leave reviews on pretty much everything and people can then like your comments or let you know if they find them helpful.ย  As you check into things, you can earn stickers for your favorite items. You can also choose to have those stickers mailed to you once you collect 7. Click through for more screenshots and another video featuring the iPad version!

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