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Social Networking

ZEN & TECH 61: How to deal with social addiction

ZEN & TECH is Mobile Nations' lifestyle podcast where we work on centering your inner geek and using technology to help reduce stress and live better lives. In today's episode, Georgia and Rene discuss why we're social, how we interact on networks, the differences between SMS/MMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Line, Instagram, etc., how we benefit, and what can go wrong.

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Buffer suffers a hack, spammy messages going out on users Facebook accounts

Buffer, a handy app for cross-posting to multiple social networks, has experienced an unfortunate hack that is spamming some Facebook accounts. The Buffer team is aware of the issue, and is currently sending out emails explaining what's happening:

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Get your iMore daily dose on Google+, here's how!

If you're new to iMore, or new to social networking, you may not be aware that you can follow the site and the writers on Google+. We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile and so we're also showing you how you can get your daily dose of iMore across the different social platforms. So, if you're on Google+, check out the links below to follow the iMore team!

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The iMore team is on, here's how to follow us!

We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile, and one of the newest pretenders to the throne is It's a more interesting proposition than just a mere social network, positioning itself as a platform and inviting developers to build on it. It's also not free, which from the outset may have put some folks off trying it out. There are now invite-only, free, limited accounts to get people through the door and trying it out. And of course, the iMore team, well some of the iMore team, is on as well, so here's how to follow us!

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iMore is on Facebook, here's how to get your daily dose!

We're talking social all this week on Talk Mobile, and you cant talk social without talking Facebook. More used than any other social network on the planet, there's a huge number of folks who spend a lot of time there. The good news is, while you're busy hanging out, poking your friends and liking a whole lot of stuff, you can also get your daily iMore fix, too!

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The iMore team is on Twitter, here's how to follow us all!

New to social networking, new to iMore, or maybe new to both! Today on Talk Mobile we kicked off social week by asking you all about where and how you share your social status. If your network of choice is Twitter, well, iMore and our staff are here for you!

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Buffer for iPhone lets you track Facebook and Twitter analytics, schedule posts, and more

Buffer is a service that allows you to monitor and post to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and This includes queueing up posts to be shared at a later time or date, monitoring information such as retweets, likes, and replies on posts, and more. The Buffer for iPhone app allows you to take the service with you wherever you are and check data or post things on the fly. This can be especially useful for business owners that find value in knowing how well their social media techniques are working.

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Elixr is a social network that helps you find a drink

Elixr is a new app and social network for the iPhone that helps you find a good place for a drink. Elixr lets you share your potent potable discoveries with your wider social sphere through pictures and ratings.

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Beta Google+ SDK now available for iOS app developers

Soon Flipboard won't be the only app to plug into Google+; Google has recently opened up an early preview to their social network's SDK for mobile developers. With these APIs, developers will be able to implement sign-up and sign-in with Google+, share and +1 buttons, and add social elements such as profiles, posts and comments.

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Facebook for iOS due for a big speed update

Facebook's app for iPhone and iPad tend to get a bad rap, but two anonymous engineers close to the source say that a completely rebuilt version is on the way with a heavy emphasis on speed. The current Facebook app for iOS is written with a lot of HTML5, but the updated one will be made with Objective-C and be released later this summer.

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