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Social Networks

ZEN & TECH 55: Parenting; Keeping kids safe on social

ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! On today's show, Georgia and Rene tie into Talk Mobile 2013 and, as part of our ongoing parenting series, look at how we can handle kids going online and onto social networks, from when they're very young, to when they're legally adults.


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Twitter's evolution from a tech network to a mainstream mashup

When Twitter started out it was used almost exclusively by geeky tech types, first as a way to stay connected at conferences, and later as a general water cooler to keep in touch, network and exchange ideas, and blow off some steam. Today, Twitter is a massive mainstream mashup where many if not most users #hashtag every second word, follow hundreds of real-world celebrities, almost never use direct messages, but actually, really, truly do use the Discover tab. Matthew Panzarino from The Next Web, an early-days user, decided to start a new account some seven years later and see what the modern, far more populous Twitter felt like for first time users.

More → adds File API, talks "unbundling", gives members 10GB of cloud storage, which pivoted to a Twitter-style service when Twitter began choking out third party client developers, has now taken a bold new step towards what just might be a bigger, unbundled future. And, oh yeah, that future comes with 10GB of cloud storage for members. Dalton Caldwell writes on the blog:

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iMore, ADN, and the importance of different answers

We've had @iMore set up on for a while now but this week we flipped the switch to start posting our stories there. We're using to handle the posts, and it's not a great solution. Basically it checks the iMore RSS from Twitter and then copies that over to ADN. Unfortunately that includes @replies, which I'd rather it didn't. That's part of the reason we waited -- hoping that something better would come along, like the service we use for Twitter, but nothing seems to have so far. We could have kept waiting, but because two major barriers to entry dropped last week, and APN picked up steadily, it made sense to start now. We had readers there, they wanted to get iMore content there, it's our job to provide it.

And here's how we'll do it.

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How to stop Twitter from tracking you across the Web

This week Twitter announced a new version of its "Who to Follow" feature, making it a far more personal recommendation engine. The way it works, however, is that if you're logged into Twitter in the web browser, any site that calls Twitter code -- like a Tweet or Follow button -- can report your presence on that site back to Twitter. Gadget sites. Car sites. Movie sites. Porn sites. Gaming sites. Any. Site.

Here's how to turn it off.

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Which social networks do you use regularly on your iPhone and iPad?

Which social networks do you use regularly on your iPad?Which social networks do you use regularly on your iPhone?

There are several popular social networks on the web and they all have iPhone apps, and many have iPad apps (or the iPhone app can be used in 2x mode on the iPad). Which ones do you use, and if you have both and iPhone or iPod touch and an iPad, do you use them all the same on both? Are there any you prefer using on on iPhone as opposed to iPad, or vice versa? Any you use on one you don't use at all on the other?

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New Year's Resolution: Review your social network privacy settings

What better New Year's resolution to start with than to check out all your in-app privacy settings, especially where Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are concerned? We know how it goes; you get a shiny new iPhone or iPad app and you just want to use it so you log in through Twitter of Facebook or Google because it's easy, quickly tap through all the set up pages, granting who knows what permissions and for how long, and then forget about it the moment the next shiny app comes along.

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Poll: Which social networks do you use regularly?

Which social networks do you use regularly?

Facebook is the most popular app on the iPhone and we've often said Twitter and iOS go together like chocolate and peanut butter. But social networks rise and fall. Remember MySpace, Jaiku, Buzz... Friendster? And hey, how about Google+ now that it's expanding beyond the techie early adopters, or LinkedIn which seems to always hover neither here nor there.

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iOS 4.3 beta contains references to Media Stream, Photo Streaming

Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac applied his ninjary skills to the latest iOS 4.3 beta and came away Media Stream and Photo Streaming, which could just be Apple's next big iOS 5 step in social sharing.

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Flipboard for iPad gets updated, adds Google Reader and Flickr support

Flipboard for iPad just received a fairly big update, including the ability to add feeds from Google Reader, Flickr and more! One new feature of note is the option to post photos and status updates to Twitter, Facebook and other real-time social networks.

Flipboard was initially released back in July and received a lot of early buzz. The app offers a dynamic and unique interface for browsing your social media feeds in a magazine-like format, flipping through "pages" of real-time content from your friends on Twitter and Facebook -- a first of its kind. Take a look at the full update list after the break!

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