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Sony to take smartphone photography to the next level with stacked CMOS sensor

Sony has today unveiled a new stacked CMOS sensor for mobile devices. The company's imaging tech for smartphones has produced impressive results in the past and the EXMOR RS IMX230 sensor is billed as the next big step in mobile photography. Sporting the same number of pixels as the shooter found on the Xperia X3, this new sensor introduces advanced camera functionality.

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Sony announces iPhone-compatible QX1 and QX30 smartphone camera accessories

Sony has announced the QX1 and QX30 camera accessories for smartphones. You can attach either accessory to your phone to take high-quality pictures. The QX1 allows you to attach certain lenses meant for their mirrorless Alpha cameras to your phone, while the QX30 focuses on zoom.

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Sony's $200 Smart Tennis Sensor will tell you everything that's wrong with your swing

If you've been wondering why you're just so bad at tennis, or hoping to improve on your already awesome game, Sony's new Smart Tennis Sensor might be just the gadget you've been looking for. The gadget, which will screw into the lower end of compatible "select tennis racket models by top manufacturers such as Wilson, Prince and Yonex" will log shot counts, impact location, swing and call speed, and even spin, all through some crazy advanced vibration mechanics analysis.

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Sony aims to reinvigorate digital album sales with 'Album of the Day'

As streaming music services gain precedence over digital downloads, Sony is seeking to reverse the trend with its "Album of the Day" app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Through the app, Sony will be offering a discount of up to 70 percent on a new album every day.

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Apple doubles up on Sony camera parts; Is a better front facing camera on its way?

It appears that Apple is preparing to double the number of camera components that it orders from Sony. The two companies are said to currently be in talks over the potential order, and Sony recently purchased a factory to boost production.

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Sony to exit the PC business: What's it mean for the Mac?

Sony announced Thursday that it will sell off its VAIO computer business to a Japanese investment fund. Sony cited "the drastic changes in the global PC industry" as one reason for its decision. Apple hasn't been immune to the global dropoff in PC sales either. Is Sony's decision a harbinger of what's to come for the Mac?

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Steve Jobs wanted you to have a Sony VAIO running OS X

OS X has always been a Mac only product – despite the Hackintosh scene – but it now comes to light that at one point in its life that might have changed. With Sony the beneficiary. In a tale of VAIO, Golf and Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO was apparently keen to expand OS X to Sony's laptop brand. From Nobi:

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Sony goes after the canine market with its dog mountable Actioncam

During Sony's CES 2014 press conference, there was a whole section dedicated to its latest range of camcorders, including the latest Actioncam. Designed to be a portable video camcorder for active types; think skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, that kind of thing. But how about strapping it to your dog?

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Sony QX-series camera update inbound with ISO improvements and 1080p video

Sony's QX-series 'lens cameras' – one of which features in my own 2013 favorite tech guide – are set to get a little better in the near future, with the announcement of a firmware update for the QX10 and QX100. In January, both cameras will get 1080p video recording capabilities, as well as expanded ISO range up to 3200 for the QX10 and 12800 on the QX100. In addition, the PlayMemories Mobile app used to pair the cameras to your iPhone is also seeing an update.

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Sony proves you can't half-ass a set-top box with the PS Vita TV

A little while ago, Sony announced it's own low priced set-top box, the PS Vita TV, launching initially in Japan. It's priced similarly to our own Apple TV yet offering something Apple's box does not – directly – in the form of gaming. But, as the first reviews appear, it seems Sony's half-assed approach of ripping the PS Vita and sticking it on your TV doesn't make the box of our dreams.

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