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What you need to know

  • Sony and Apple are reportedly working to bring Apple TV to PlayStation.
  • Recently it transpired that Microsoft is also bringing the same app to Xbox.
  • The PlayStation implementation might also get HomeKit support as well.

It's honestly a surprise that it doesn't already exist, but it appears that Sony is working with Apple to bring the Apple TV app to PlayStation. This just hours after it transpired that an app is also in the works for Microsoft's Xbox, too.

According to 9to5Mac, not only is Sony working with Apple on getting PlayStation in on the act, but it might also gain HomeKit support as well.

9to5Mac has learned that Apple is also working with Sony to bring the Apple TV app to PlayStation consoles. Our anonymous source also believes HomeKit support could arrive at some point but that feature may not launch at the same time as the Apple TV app.

Apple has already worked with multiple companies to get the Apple TV app onto streaming sticks, TVs, and more of late and it's a natural progression to add the same app to game consoles, too. There's no mention when an app could come to PlayStation, or which consoles will get it. But I'd suspect that PS5 is a pretty safe bet at this point.

The inclusion of the Apple TV app will give gamers another way to watch Apple TV+ content, not to mention the entire iTunes store – including TV shows and movies.