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Apple Watch specs

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes, three collections, and with over a dozen different band styles to choose from.

The first new product category Apple has introduced since the 2010 iPad, and the first new device interface since the 2007 iPhone, the Apple Watch is also Apple's first post-iPod wearable, the first running a variation of iOS, and the first connected β€” through an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 – to iCloud. It will run WatchKit apps and extensions, and be available for purchase starting April 24, 2015. Here are your complete Apple Watch specs.

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Complete iPhone 5s specifications

Apple announced the iPhone 5s at today's keynote. Here are the complete specs.

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Complete iPad mini specifications

Apple announced the iPad mini at its keynote this afternoon. The 7.9-inch device will come in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi with cellular configurations. Here are the complete specs.

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Complete specs for the new iPad

Apple has announced the new iPad and they've managed to pack an incredible amount of new technology into into thin, light, and familiar package. Here are the complete specs.

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iPod touch 4 torn down, 256MB of RAM confirmed

The frenzied folks over at iFixit have torn down the iPod touch 4 and the big news -- or rather small news -- is that it only has 256MB of RAM, the same as the iPad and iPhone 3GS, but half what the iPhone 4 has.

Along with the tiny .7mp camera, lack of IPS display, and lack of a 128GB option, this feels like a cost-savings measure by Apple.

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Regarding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G hardware specs

Yesterday we looked at the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G design, today we look at what that design embodied -- the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G hardware and specs. A lot of what was revealed in the Engadget pics and Gizmodo hands-on seems to confirm past rumors, a lot more still remains a mystery. One thing's for certain -- as much as Apple jumpstarted the smartphone space in 2007 with the original iPhone 2G, the competition has blown past them when it comes to hardware specs to date. That changes in 2010 with the iPhone HD.

We'll cover the internals, the CPU and GPU, RAM and capacity in a future post, but in terms of what could easily be discerned so far, let's break it down as follows:

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Apple iPad Tablet -- the Complete Specs and TiPb's Take on Them

For the spec fiends among us, Apple has posted up almost every little number you'd ever want to know about their new iPad tablet (except, of course, what silicon is powering it on the inside -- that'll have to wait for the inevitable tear down.

We'll take a look, after the break!

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